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    Artificial domestication and reproduction techniques of Tachypleus tridentatus
    CHEN Zhi, WENG Zhaohong, ZOU Lizhen, ZHOU Honglei, JIANG Yixiong, FANG Chuihong, LI Yuhong, KWAN Kit Yue
    Journal of Fisheries Research    2023, 45 (3): 246-253.   DOI: 10.14012/j.cnki.fjsc.2023.03.004
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    To restore the population of the endangered species Tachypleus tridentatus,artificial domestication and breeding research of T.tridentatus was carried out in Luoyuan County,Fujian Province in 2021—2022.Following the observation results of their natural spawning and nursery grounds,the simulated spawning environment was constructed,and the mating pairs were induced to spawn naturally in the artificial environment.The spawning habitat preferences and ecological requirements for T.tridentatus were determined through artificial incubation and seedling cultivation.This paper summarized the artificial domestication and propagation technology of horseshoe crab,and analyzed the significance of artificial domestication and natural propagation of T.tridentatus,providing theoretical basis for species conservation by the protection and restoration of T.tridentatus populations and artificial incubation in Fujian coastal area.

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    Effects of recirculating aquaculture model on water quality and growth performance of Litopenaeus vannamei
    NIU Jiangbo, WU Zhaojun, LI Yasong, KANG Qiuping, XU Bo, GUO Bing, JIANG Liping, SONG Xiangguo, LIANG Qinlang
    Journal of Fisheries Research    2023, 45 (3): 287-296.   DOI: 10.14012/j.cnki.fjsc.2023.03.009
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    By analyzing the growth performance and water quality index differences of Litopenaeus vannamei under the recirculating aquaculture mode,the feasibility of the recirculating aquaculture mode in the aquaculture production was explored.The initial body mass of L.vannamei was (2.39±0.20) g.In this study,a recirculating aquaculture group (RAG) and a traditional industrial aquaculture group (IAG) were set up,with 3 replicates in each group.750 individuals of L.vannamei were stocked per cubic meter,and the salinity of the cultured water was 18.The aquaculture period was from July 23 to September 10,2022,lasting for 50 days.The results showed that the average water temperature of RAG was significantly higher than that of IAG (P<0.05),and the dissolved oxygen was 2.45% higher than that of IAG.The ammonia nitrogen of RAG was significantly lower than that of IAG during the culture period (P<0.01),and the nitrite nitrogen was 24.29% lower than that of IAG after the system matured and stabilized (12 days).Although the survival rate of RAG was 2.17% lower than that of IAG,but the final body mass,unit yield,specific growth rate and weight gain rate were all higher than those of IAG.The feeding rate and feed conversion rate of RAG were lower than those of IAG,but did not show significant difference (P>0.05),and the specific growth rate and geometric mean mass of each group showed a significant negative correlation (P<0.05).The comprehensive results showed that the recirculating aquaculture mode could effectively control the key water quality factor indicators at a low level,which played an important role in water resource conservation and environmental protection.In addition,in the practice of aquaculture production,the growth and production of L.vannamei could also be promoted to a certain extent,and this model had strong feasibility.

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    The serious harm and prevention strategies of algal bloom of Phaeocystis globosa in China
    SHI Wenkai, XU Xiaoying, ZHANG Fan, ZHANG Xiaoming, KE Ke, CHEN Kun
    Journal of Fisheries Research    2023, 45 (3): 311-316.   DOI: 10.14012/j.cnki.fjsc.2023.03.012
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    Phaeocystis globosa bloom has become one of the hotspots of harmful algae research at home and abroad because of its large scale and serious damage.This paper summarized the serious harm of algal bloom of P.globosa to fishery production,global sulfur cycle and carbon cycle,as well as the safety of nuclear power cold source,analyzed the internal and external causes of algal bloom,and put forward the preventive measures and emergency measures of algal bloom of P.globosa.The purpose of this paper is to provide reference for control of P.globosa.

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    Application of environmental DNA metabarcoding in studying biodiversity of zooplankton and phytoplankton
    WU Yongjiang, CAI Mingcheng, SUN Hanchang, HU Huidie, DENG Yaxin, LONG Yinggen
    Journal of Fisheries Research    2023, 45 (4): 399-407.   DOI: 10.14012/j.cnki.fjsc.2023.04.010
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    Phytoplankton and zooplankton are the primary producers and consumers of aquatic ecosystems, respectively. Their accurate identification is the basis for aquatic ecology research. Traditional identification of phytoplankton and zooplankton based on morphological characteristics of species is time-consuming and labor-consuming, difficulty in identification, and underestimating species diversity. Therefore, a simple, efficient, accurate and standardized solution for studying biodiversity of zooplankton and phytoplankton is very necessary. Environmental DNA (eDNA) metabarcoding technique has become a common method for studying aquatic biodiversity. It is mainly used in the studying of fish species diversity and has also been gradually used in the studying biodiversity of zooplankton and phytoplankton in recent years. This review firstly introduced the eDNA metabarcoding technique and its sampling method, and then focused on the application of this technique in the studying of biodiversity of zooplankton and phytoplankton to promote the development of eDNA metabarcoding technique in plankton diversity research.

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    Cloning and bioinformatics analysis of SlMYB118gene from Schizochytrium limacinum SR21
    CHEN Jing, SU Yongchang, SUN Huamiao, CHEN Youqiang, XUE Ting, DAI Rongchun
    Journal of Fisheries Research    2023, 45 (3): 222-232.   DOI: 10.14012/j.cnki.fjsc.2023.03.002
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    Schizochytrium limacinum SR21 is a kind of marine microalgae rich in DHA.The research group that the author joined previously found that SlMYB118 gene of S.limacinum SR21 was closely related to fatty acid synthesis and was a potential transcription factor for DHA synthesis regulation.In this paper,the full-length cDNA sequence of SlMYB118 gene was cloned by PCR and analyzed by bioinformatics method.The results predicted that SlMYB118 protein had an isoelectric point of 8.75,a molecular weight of 84.81 kDa,was localized in the nucleus,and had 106 potential phosphorylation sites.This study laid the theoretical foundation for the subsequent identification of the binding site of SlMYB118 gene,which was a key issue for the transcriptional regulatory mechanism and the establishment of the transcriptional regulatory network related to DHA synthesis.

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    Effects of four non-nutritive feed additives on digestive enzyme activity, immune function and in vitro digestibility of Australian freshwater lobster ( Cherax quadricarinatus)
    SONG Xuefei, ZHOU Qing, ZHANG Yingying, ZHANG Zhiyong, WANG Yan, YUN Taihong
    Journal of Fisheries Research    2023, 45 (4): 356-364.   DOI: 10.14012/j.cnki.fjsc.2023.04.005
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    The aim of the present study was to explore the effects of four kinds of non-nutritive additives on the activity of digestive enzymes, immune function and in vitro digestibility of liver and pancreas of Australian freshwater lobster (Cherax quadricarinatus), and to screen out the appropriate feed additives, so as to provide a theoretical basis for the application and research of non-nutritive additives in feed. Citric acid (S-Ⅰ), complex enzyme preparation (S-Ⅱ), Lactobacillus plantarum plus Bacillus subtilis (S-Ⅲ), and rhizobium plus B.subtilis (S-IV) were used as the non-nutritive additives to feed Australian freshwater lobster for 14 days. Then, activities of enzymes [alkaline phosphatase(AKP), acid phosphatase (ACP), superoxide dismutase (SOD) and total antioxidant capacity (T-AOC)] as well as in vitro digestibility of feed (dry matter digestibility, protein digestibility and amino acid production rate) were detected. S-Ⅰ could significantly increase (P<0.05) the activities of amylase, AKP and SOD in the hepatopancreas of Australian freshwater lobster, and S-Ⅱ could significantly increase (P<0.05) the activities of amylase, trypsin and immune function. The digestive enzyme and immune function of S-Ⅲ and S-Ⅳ were significantly improved (P<0.05). Among the four non-nutritive feed additives, S-IV had the highest dry matter digestibility, protein digestibility and amino acid production rate in vitro. The digestive enzyme activity, immune function and in vitro digestibility of S-Ⅲ and S-Ⅳ were higher than those of S-Ⅰ or S-Ⅱ, and in vitro digestibility of S-Ⅳ was higher than that of S-Ⅲ, so S-Ⅳ was preferred among the four non-nutritive additives.

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    Detection and analysis of ostreid herpesvirus 1 (OsHV-1) in Fujian Province
    JIA Yuanyuan
    Journal of Fisheries Research    2023, 45 (4): 378-384.   DOI: 10.14012/j.cnki.fjsc.2023.04.008
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    With the continuous expansion of oyster culture industry, the problem of oyster disease is becoming more and more serious. In recent years, ostreid herpesvirus 1 (OsHV-1) caused mass death of shellfish, which brought great economic losses to shellfish aquaculture industry. OsHV-1 infection occurred frequently in oysters, especially in the seedling stage. In this paper, 90 samples of Crassostrea gigas and C.angulata from six seedling growing enterprises and three sea areas in Fujian were tested for OsHV-1 by PCR and quantitative real-time PCR. The results showed that the average detection rate of OsHV-1 was about 11.11%. Among them, there were 30 seedling samples, while the positive detection rate of seedling samples was 23.33%, which was higher than the positive detection rate of 5% in adult shellfish, and the infection amount of positive samples in seedling was significantly higher than that in adult shellfish. The infection amount of OsHV-1 in C. gigas seedling sample was the highest, reached 6.1×107 copies/mg. This study could provide reference for the detection of ostreid herpesvirus as well as the prevention and control of oyster diseases.

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    Design and analysis of kelp harvesting module and its supporting ship
    LIU Hewei, LU Longfei, JIANG Tao
    Journal of Fisheries Research    2023, 45 (3): 263-270.   DOI: 10.14012/j.cnki.fjsc.2023.03.006
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    In the existing schemes of kelp harvesting ships,the harvesting device is solidified on the ship,which makes the ship can only be used for kelp harvesting.In addition,there are also problems such as high picking loss,difficult to adapt to the change of tide and inability to cut the tips of kelp according to the required length.All of these have made it difficult to popularize the mechanical harvesting of kelp in China.In view of this,the harvesting device was designed in a modular bionic way:a container was used as the carrier,and a retractable pitching guiding mechanism was set inside it,which could adjust the harvesting angle and the distance from the kelp to the ship with the change of the current;the guiding mechanism cooperated with the limiting-dragging unit to guide and drag the kelp into the harvesting module;with the cooperation of cutting unit and guiding mechanism,the kelp entering the harvesting module could be rooted and taped as required.This scheme realized the separation of ship and machine,which not only improved the utilization rate of the recovery device,but also improved the utilization rate of the ship,and also reduced the labor intensity and improved the labor efficiency.This program was likely to promote the generation of marine harvesting teams,and made the harvesting teams,marine ranches,and local ship owners jointly benefit,promoted the generation of a new model of marine ranch management,and helped kelp become an important producer of blue carbon.However,in this scheme,there were still problems such as mechanism corrosion prevention and intelligent operation that needed further study.

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    Comparative analysis of morphological and genetic diversity of Corbicula fluminea in different reaches of Minjiang River
    LIAO Mengxiang
    Journal of Fisheries Research    2023, 45 (3): 233-245.   DOI: 10.14012/j.cnki.fjsc.2023.03.003
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    In order to investigate the morphological and mitochondrial gene genetic diversity of Corbicula fluminea in different reaches of Minjiang River.A total of 180 C.fluminea samples randomly collected from 6 geographical locations in Minjiang River [(Yanping,YP),(Minhou,MH),(Longxiangdao,LXD),(Mawei,MW),(Changle,CL) and (Lianjiang,LJ)].Morphological data were measured and partial sequences of mitochondrial COⅠ,Cyt b and 16S rRNA genes were used as molecular markers for PCR amplification and sequencing analysis.The results showed that the coefficient of variation of shell length,shell height and shell width was small,while the coefficient of variation of soft body weight,shell weight and total weight was large of C.fluminea in six reaches of Minjiang River.The population with the largest coefficient of variation of soft body weight was LJ (53.30%).The sequences of mitochondrial COⅠ,Cyt b and 16S rRNA genes were 444,466 and 364 bp,respectively.The content of A+T in the three genes was similar and significantly higher than that of C+G.The number of haplotypes of COⅠand Cyt b genes were significantly more than that of 16S rRNA gene.The genetic diversity of COⅠ and Cyt b genes were higher than that of 16S rRNA gene.Phylogenetic tree showed that the evolution rate of the three gene fragments were COⅠ> Cyt b >16S rRNA gene.The neutral test and mismatch distribution analysis showed that the C.fluminea populations in Minjiang River were stable and there were no history of large-scale population expansion.In conclusion,there was no significant difference in the morphology of C.fluminea in the six reaches of Minjiang River.COⅠand Cyt b genes of C.fluminea have higher genetic diversity and faster evolutionary speed than 16S rRNA genes.Even though independent genetic populations have been differentiated,there has no historical event such as large-scale population expansion.Therefore,C.fluminea could be protected and developed as a whole in Minjiang River.

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    Genome analysis of pathogenic Vibrio harveyi strain TS-628
    LI Chenrui, XU Rongliang, ZHANG Xiaoxu, CHEN Dongping, QIU Yuyang, CHEN Weiqin, QIN Yingxue
    Journal of Fisheries Research    2023, 45 (5): 415-426.   DOI: 10.14012/j.cnki.fjsc.2023.05.001
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    V.harveyi is an important opportunistic pathogen of marine fish and invertebrates,which often causes serious diseases of mariculture animals and brings huge economic losses to the aquaculture industry.However,the virulence of V.harveyi isolated from different environments varies greatly.In the present study,the sequencing technology combining the second generation Illumina Hiseq platform and the third generation PacBio platform was used to sequence and analyze the genome of V.harveyi strain TS-628 isolated from the diseased Epinephelus awoara.The genome information of this strain was exploited to understand the virulence related genes of the pathogen,in order to provide data support for the subsequent research on the pathogenesis of V.harveyi and control of V.harveyi disease.The results revealed that the genome of V.harveyi strain TS-628 had two chromosomes and two plasmids.One of the plasmids was a newly discovered plasmid.The genome size of this strain was 6 151 198 bp,the GC content of the genome was 44.68%,the number of predicted genes were 5 658,the number of predicted virulence genes were 747.The 747 virulence genes were mainly related to bacterial adhesion,iron uptake and secretion systems.In addition,294 drug-resistant genes were found,reflecting that the V.harveyi strain TS-628 not only had the potential to encode multiple virulence factors,but also had the potential to resist multiple antibacterial agents.

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    Transcriptome data assembly and analysis of Batrachuperus tibetanus
    ZHU Wenwen, YU Chuan, XIONG Jianli, HUANG Yong
    Journal of Fisheries Research    2023, 45 (3): 213-221.   DOI: 10.14012/j.cnki.fjsc.2023.03.001
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    The genomic information and transcriptome sequences of Batrachuperus tibetanus are rarely reported at present.In this study,the transcripts of this species were sequenced and assembled using Illumina HiSeq platform.A total of 36 252 unigenes were obtained through sequencing and assembling,with an average length of 937 bp and a N50 of 1 549 bp.Additionally,GC content,length distribution and expression level of unigenes were assessed.The result showed that the sequencing data was of high quality.Blasted against the Swiss-prot,Nr,Pfam,KEGG,KOG and GO,a total of 16 465,18 749,13 983,10 607,15 704 and 14 242 unigenes were annotated,respectively.According to the functional annotation results,17 472 coding sequence (CDS) were detected.A total of 2 779 microsatellite markers (SSR) and 3 100 single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNP) were identified.KEGG pathway analysis showed that 10 607 unigenes were annotated,and it was divided into 257 categories according to the different pathways.Among all the pathways,the number of unigenes involved in signal transduction pathway exhibited the largest proportion.In this study,the obtained transcriptome sequences provided rich data resources for further understanding of genetic diversity analysis,molecular marker development,population resource evaluation and conservation,as well as functional gene cloning of the B.tibetanus.

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    Advances of genetic engineering modification in Chlorella
    ZHANG Tiantian, CHEN Bilian, ZHENG Mingmin
    Journal of Fisheries Research    2023, 45 (6): 593-602.   DOI: 10.14012/j.cnki.fjsc.2023.06.010
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    Chlorella is a unicellular microalga that could grow and accumulate biomass through photosynthesis using sunlight and carbon dioxide. It is widely used to produce biofuels and other high-value products in fields like aquaculture, food, energy, and the environment. With the development of genetic engineering technology, research and applications of Chlorella at the molecular level have received increasing attention, making specific genetic modification possible. In this paper, we summarized and discussed the application of Chlorella in genetic engineering and protein production from four perspectives: transformation system, transformation methods, factors affecting transformation and expression of exogenous proteins. The aim of this review was to provide theoretical support and references for high-value products production of Chlorella.

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    Effects of dietary protein levels on growth,digestive enzymes activities and antioxidant ability of hybrid yellow catfish
    TANG Dongjiao, FENG Pengfei, HAUNG Lianghua, HE Jinzhao, QIN Xiudong, MA Huawei, CHEN Zigui, LI Enjun, YI Zuxiao, CHEN Shaocui, QIN Rongjuan, XU Jiazhi, PAN Chuanyan
    Journal of Fisheries Research    2023, 45 (3): 280-286.   DOI: 10.14012/j.cnki.fjsc.2023.03.008
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    The study was conducted to explore the effects of dietary protein levels on growth,digestive enzymes activities and antioxidant ability of hybrid yellow catfish (Pelteobagrus fulvidraco♀×P.vachelli♂).Five experimental diets were formulated containing dietary protein 30%,35%,40%,45% and 50%,respectively.Hybrid yellow catfish [(1.00±0.05)g] were fed with five experimental diets for 60 days.The objective of this experiment was to determine the dietary protein requirement of hybrid yellow catfish.The results indicated that the dietary protein level was 40%-45%,the growth performance of hybrid yellow catfish was the best,and the final weight,specific growth rate (SGR) were increased significantly (P<0.05).The activity of protease in stomach and intestine in 40% protein group was the highest,the activity of lipase and amylase in 45% protein group was the highest.In all groups,the activity of protease in stomach was higher than that of intestine.The activities of lipase and amylase in intestine were higher than that of stomach when the dietary protein level exceeded 40% (including 40%).The activities of superoxide dismutase (SOD) and glutathione peroxidase (GPX) in the liver of hybrid yellow catfish were significantly higher than that of other groups (P<0.05) when the dietary protein level was 40%-45%.The catalase (CAT) activities were higher than those of other groups when the dietary protein level exceeded 40% (including 40%).The content of malonaldehyde (MDA) decreased and then increased with the increase of dietary protein level.In conclusion,the optimal dietary protein level of hybrid yellow catfish [(1.00±0.05)g] was 40%-45%.

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    Research on dissolved organic carbon (DOC) secretion of Sargassum fusiforme under different conditions
    ZHOU Qinghao, XU Caolu, QUAN Wei
    Journal of Fisheries Research    2023, 45 (3): 271-279.   DOI: 10.14012/j.cnki.fjsc.2023.03.007
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    Sargassum fusiforme is a kind of Sargassum plant of Sargassaceae of Phaeophyta,which grows in the warm temperate zone to the subtropical zone.Dongtou is called “China’s Hometown of Sargassum fusiforme”.In order to clarify the characteristics of dissolved organic carbon (DOC) secretion of S.fusiforme in the process of aquaculture,different gradient treatments such as salinity,light intensity,pH,total inorganic nitrogen concentration in water and total phosphate concentration in water were set up,while simulated aquaculture experiments were carried out.The content of DOC and dissolved inorganic carbon (DIC) in the aquaculture water were measured,and their change rates were analyzed.The results showed that the DOC secretion rate of S.fusiforme medium seedlings was the highest.Under the light intensity of 2 800 lx,the DOC secretion rate and the DIC fixation rate of S.fusiforme small seedlings were the highest.Under the conditions of original seawater salinity of 30,pH of 8,total inorganic nitrogen concentration of 1 mg/L,and total phosphate concentration of 0.02 mg/L,S.fusiforme had the highest DOC secretion rate.Light intensity,salinity,pH,total inorganic nitrogen concentration,total phosphate concentration and other environmental factors all affected the DOC secretion of S.fusiforme,and the effects of different factors were certain difference.

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    Study on the differential expression of temperature tolerance related genes in Apostichopus japonicus between south-cultivated in Fujian Province and north-cultivated groups
    ZHU Zhihuang, LIN Qi, WU Jianshao, YANG Qiuhua
    Journal of Fisheries Research    2024, 46 (1): 1-10.   DOI: 10.14012/j.cnki.fjsc.2024.01.001
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    In this study,juvenile A.japonicus (experimental group) were purchased from northern China and reared in southern China under natural water temperature for one year.The same age seedlings of juvenile A.japonicus (control group) were directly collected from northern China to compare their thermal resistance with those of the experimental group.The study of thermal limits showed that the sublethal temperature of A.japonicus in the experimental group was 32 °C,significantly higher than the 30 °C in the control group.The ULTs50 of A.japonicus in the experimental and control groups were 33.1 °C and 31.9 °C,respectively.These results demonstrated that the thermal history influenced the upper thermal limit of A.japonicus,and A.japonicus undergoing continuous thermal shock would possess stronger thermal resistance.Additionally,the expression patterns of HSP90a,gp96,HSP70,HSP26,and proeintl(2)efl genes after heat shock for 1,2,and 3 hours between the experimental and control groups were analyzed using qRT-PCR.The expression patterns of HSP90a,gp96,HSP70,HSP26,and proeintl(2)efl genes were different between the experimental and control groups.At 30 °C heat shock,the gene expressions of HSP90a,gp96,HSP70,and HSP26 in the control group did not noticeably increase after stimulation for 1 and 2 hours but were significantly up-regulated at 3 hours,with expression values reaching (9.801±1.303),(2.508±0.910),(8.649±1.936),and (34.787±4.978),respectively.However,all of the HSP90a,gp96,HSP70,and HSP26 gene expressions in the experimental group were dramatically up-regulated at 1 hour at 30 °C,with expression values reaching (42.000±8.798),(20.019±6.224),(218.750±78.701),and (93.710±5.674),respectively.These four temperature-tolerant related genes detected in the present study in the experimental group were up-regulated earlier than those in the control group,indicating a higher ability of A.japonicus in the experimental group to respond adaptively to heat shock than that in the control group.Therefore,the research showed that A.japonicus undergoing high temperature acclimation could respond earlier to external environmental heat conditions.

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    Maximum sustainable yield of Psenopsis anomala in the northern South China Sea
    YIN Yuanyi, ZHANG Lijuan, LIAO Dongsheng, LI Lu, XIE Wenfeng, FENG Bo
    Journal of Fisheries Research    2023, 45 (4): 365-371.   DOI: 10.14012/j.cnki.fjsc.2023.04.006
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    According to the stratified sampling survey data of fishery production from fishing ports along the northern South China Sea from 2008 to 2020, the biomass of P.anomala was assessed. The production of P.anomala mainly consisted of trawl net and gill net, accounting for 40.52% and 53.14% of the total catch, respectively. Twelve CPUE data were analyzed by surplus production models. The maximum sustainable yield was 47 402.96 tons inferred by equilibrium Schaefer model. The maximum sustainable yield was 36 739.93 tons inferred by equilibrium Fox model. The maximum sustainable yield was 29 198.74 tons inferred by non-equilibrium Schaefer model. Fishing effort exceeded the maximum sustainable level in double trawl with mainpower above 400 kW, single trawl with mainpower of 100~200 kW and gillnet with mainpower below 50 kW. Overfishing did not occur, and the utilization level was not beyond the optimum level in other fishing methods and mainpower segment. The total allowable catch of P.anomala is comprehensively set within 28~32 thousand tons in the northern South China Sea at present.

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    Pathological analysis of scuticociliatosis of Larimichthys crocea in indoor circulating water culture
    YANG Guiqin, LI Xiaodong, LU Weijing, JIANG Fan, CHEN Ziqin, ZHANG Weini, CHEN Xinhua
    Journal of Fisheries Research    2023, 45 (6): 523-529.   DOI: 10.14012/j.cnki.fjsc.2023.06.001
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    In order to investigate the common fish diseases in indoor culture of large yellow croaker (L.crocea), this study reports the occurrence of scuticociliatosis, a parasitic disease, on the surface of L.crocea in a laboratory circulating water recirculation system. The histopathological analysis of skin, liver and muscle of L.crocea was carried out to explore the pathogenic mechanism of scuticociliatosis. At the same time, in order to further identify the body surface parasitic Scuticociliatida ciliates of L.crocea, the pathogen was isolated, and the morphological characteristics of Scuticociliatida ciliates were analyzed by in vivo formaldehyde fixed microscopic observation and scanning electron microscope observation. The results revealed the presence of whitening symptoms on the head, skin, and fin base of L.crocea. Gill cover congestion and severe cases of white massive skin ulceration were observed, along with the infestation of a significant number of Scuticociliatida ciliates. Notably, no apparent pathological alterations were detected in the body tissue. Histopathological analysis showed that the skin and subcutaneous tissue were the main sites of infection with Scuticociliatida ciliates. Tissue necrosis, cytolysis and increase of inflammatory cells occurred in most areas of muscle tissue. Myofibril was obviously broken and muscle fiber space was enlarged, while the boundary between liver tissue cells was not obvious, the central vein was oppressed, mononuclear cells increased and parenchyma cells enlarged. It was observed that the body of the pathogen was mainly slightly pointed at the top, blunt and round at the back end of the body, and contained an obvious telescopic vesicle as well as a long flagellum. The pathogen was identified as Pseudocohnilembus persalinus by morphology. Taken together, the histopathological results showed that the Scuticociliatida ciliates could infect the body surface tissue of L.crocea, resulting in loss of protection and resistance. At the same time, this study can provide a certain reference basis for indoor healthy culture of L.crocea.

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    Numerical simulation and uncertainty analysis of the flow field of the rigid aquaculture panel net based on CFD
    ZHANG Wei, GUO Jun, HU Zhe, ZHANG Xiaoying, DING Lan
    Journal of Fisheries Research    2023, 45 (3): 254-262.   DOI: 10.14012/j.cnki.fjsc.2023.03.005
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    The velocity of fluid in the aquaculture cage is closely related to the growth of fish.In order to study the characteristics of the flow field around the aquaculture plane net,the flow field of a rigid plane net was simulated numerically based on CFD theory and by using the porous media model.Firstly,the uncertainty analysis of the flow field was carried out,and then the numerical calculations were carried out in the plane net at different angles and velocity,and the results were compared with the experimental results.The results showed that the calculation results of the resistance and the lift of the plane net were consistent with the experimental results,which indicated that the method can accurately predict the force of the plane net and the flow field around the plane net.The velocity of the fluid near the net decreased quickly,then after a certain length the velocity of the fluid changed slowly.The blocking effect of the plane net on the flow gradually decreased when the velocity of the flow increased.The numerical simulation method in this paper could be used to simulate the flow field of the plane net,which had some academic research value and engineering practical value.

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    Development status and countermeasure analysis of mainstream low carbon aquaculture technology at home and abroad under the double carbon background
    FENG Ying, ZENG Ya, REN Tongjun
    Journal of Fisheries Research    2023, 45 (6): 603-613.   DOI: 10.14012/j.cnki.fjsc.2023.06.011
    Abstract98)   HTML3)    PDF (1712KB)(62)       Save

    Carbon peaking and carbon neutrality are important measures to address climate change in China. Carbon emission reduction in aquaculture is crucial to achieving the dual carbon target. Therefore, studying and exploring low-carbon aquaculture technology has important practical significance. Based on the concept of low carbon development and the background of dual carbon goals, the present study analyzed the current situation and trends of low carbon aquaculture technology development at home and abroad, discussed the urgent issues to be solved in the development of low carbon aquaculture technology in China, and proposed relevant countermeasures in terms of innovation of low carbon technology, improvement of policies and regulations, and construction of professional personnel in combination with China’s national conditions, aiming at effectively reducing greenhouse gas emissions from China’s aquaculture industry,promoting high-quality green transformation of aquaculture industry to provide scientific reference and contribute to the realization of China’s dual carbon vision.

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    Construction and evaluation of dissolved oxygen prediction model based on MIC-BP neural network
    CHEN Mengyun
    Journal of Fisheries Research    2023, 45 (4): 317-330.   DOI: 10.14012/j.cnki.fjsc.2023.04.001
    Abstract96)   HTML2)    PDF (7427KB)(42)       Save

    Dissolved oxygen is an important environmental factor that affects the growth of aquatic organisms and water environment. Accurate prediction of dissolved oxygen is beneficial to the healthy development of aquaculture. This study was based on the water quality data and meteorological data of online buoys SK11 and SK18 in Shuikou reservoir area of Minjiang River in Fujian from January to June, 2022. Then, back propagation(BP) neural network prediction model and MIC-BP neural network measurement model were used for machine learning, and the prediction results are given. At the same time, the prediction results of the two dissolved oxygen prediction models were compared and verified. The results showed that after the identification and screening of MIC (Maximum information coefficient), among the 13 input factors, the factors that had great correlation with dissolved oxygen include pH, water temperature, chlorophyll, electrical conductivity, turbidity, ammonia nitrogen concentration and nitrite nitrogen concentration. The effect of the mixed MIC-BP neural network model was obviously better than that of the independent BP neural network model. After the candidate factors were identified and screened by MIC, the performance of the model could be obviously improved. Compared with the independent BP neural network model, the results showed that the performance of MIC-BP neural network model at SK11 station decreased by 29.29%, RMSE decreased by 60.09%,and NSE increased by 27.63%,respectively. At station SK18, MAE decreased by 17.16%, RMSE decreased by 16.23%, and NSE increased by 12.77%,respectively.

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    Study of AVS-SEM in surface sediments in cage farming of Zhanghu reservoir bay, Fujian Province
    JIANG Yixiong, JIANG Dongsheng, CHEN Zhi, ZOU Lizhen, CUI Lifeng, LIAN Chenyang
    Journal of Fisheries Research    2023, 45 (6): 559-568.   DOI: 10.14012/j.cnki.fjsc.2023.06.006
    Abstract95)   HTML3)    PDF (1476KB)(54)       Save

    In order to investigate the potential ecological risks of heavy metals at cage farming in surface sediments, 5 samples were collected from Zhanghu reservoir bay in Shuikou reservoir and the acid volatile sulfide (AVS) and simultaneously extracted metals (SEM) were studied. The results indicated that the AVS concentrations ranged from 0.57-2.13 μmol·g-1, and the SEM concentrations ranged from 1.66-6.35 μmol·g-1. Among heavy metals, Zn, Cr and Cu were the dominating metals, accounting for over 80% of SEM. By comparing the ratio of SEM to AVS, the values of annual average were ranged from 1.65-9.11. If Cr was not included in the calculation, the values were ranged from 1.42-7.75, and the value of (SEM-AVS) were mainly smaller than 5. These indicated that heavy metals were associated with the AVS phase in the sediments, while metals in surface sediments could not cause toxicity to benthic organism. Compared with the threshold of toxic effects, the most toxic metal was Pb in terms of individual heavy metals. According to the present study, the potential toxic effects of heavy metal release and hydrogen sulfide (H2S) production from sulfides on cage aquaculture should be on the alert.

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    Correlation analysis between the nacre color and the shell color of four selected strains of mussels, Hyriopsis cumingii
    LUO Yu, ZHANG Wenfu, REN Gang, CHENG Xiaoling, FANG Aiping, YE Ronghui, ZHANG Wenna, AN Xianbo, ZHANG Genfang
    Journal of Fisheries Research    2023, 45 (5): 438-447.   DOI: 10.14012/j.cnki.fjsc.2023.05.003
    Abstract93)   HTML2)    PDF (2260KB)(102)       Save

    The nacre color is the main factor that determines the color of the cultivated pearls.The nacre color trait has become an important target trait of the genetic improvement of the pearl oyster,but the measurement of the nacre color is difficult,which seriously limits the efficiency of pearl mussel breeding.Using 1-year-old red,blue,golden and white strains of juvenile H.cumingii as experimental materials,the color parameters L,a and b values were obtained by the X-Rite ColorEye XTH spectrophotometer,while correlation analysis,principal components analysis,and regression analysis were performed on each color parameter to explore the correlation between nacre color and shell color.The results showed that the nacre color and the shell color of the four H.cumingii strains were significantly correlated,and the correlation between the nacre color and the shell color of the red and blue strains was relatively stronger.The L,a and b values of nacre color in red and blue strains were all significantly correlated with at least one color parameter in shell color.Among them,the a value of nacre color in red strains had the strongest correlation with the b value of shell color,with the correlation coefficient as -0.557 (P<0.01).The L value correlation between the nacre color and the shell color was the strongest in the blue strain,and the correlation coefficient was 0.533 (P<0.01).The L value of the shell color in the golden strain was significantly correlated with the a and b values of the nacre color (P<0.05),and the correlation coefficients were 0.331 and 0.335,respectively.In the white strain,only the a value had a very significant correlation between the nacre color and the shell color (P<0.01),and the correlation coefficient was 0.286.This study reveals that the nacre color is correlated with the shell color in these four H.cumingii strains of juvenile mussels,which is of great significance for guiding the early selection of nacre color of H.cumingii.

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    High-performance liquid chromatography with chemiluminescence determination of tetracyclines in the fish
    WANG Lijuan, ZHANG Li, YU Ying, JIANG Linlin, LIU Haixin, TIAN Mengmeng
    Journal of Fisheries Research    2023, 45 (3): 304-310.   DOI: 10.14012/j.cnki.fjsc.2023.03.011
    Abstract91)   HTML1)    PDF (1662KB)(216)       Save

    The aims of the present study were to develop environmental and low cost methods for detection of tetracyclines (TCs) concentrations in the fish by high performance liquid chromatography with chemiluminescence.Luminol chemiluminescence (CL) could be generated by generated active oxygen species of photo-induced nano-titanium dioxide (TiO2) instead of the traditional chemiluminescent oxidation reagents.Metal ions could catalyze this reaction.Based on the complexation between Fe2+ and TCs that remarkably decreased the Fe2+-catalyted luminol CL,the determination of TCs was proposed.The results indicated that the limit of quantitation for tetracycline,chloroteracycline and doxycycline were 10.0,30.0 and 10.0 mg/kg,respectively.The proposed method could be applied to the determination of the TCs in the fish,and meet the requirements of residue detection.Nano TiO2 was used instead of traditional chemiluminescent oxidation reagents to avoid the application of some toxic reagents and chemical reagent pollution,and had the advantages of environmental protection and low price.

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    Molecular identification of Oncorhynchus mykiss based on DNA barcode technology
    LI Zhaonan, LI Changzhong, BAO Changhong, HE Caixia, JIN Wenjie, CHEN Yanxia
    Journal of Fisheries Research    2023, 45 (4): 331-340.   DOI: 10.14012/j.cnki.fjsc.2023.04.002
    Abstract88)   HTML1)    PDF (1949KB)(87)       Save

    In order to ensure the healthy and sustainable development of cold-water fish culture industry, and to ensure consumers’ clear consumption and strengthen the market supervision, it is necessary to find an effective method for species identification of salmon and trout. In this study, cytochrome oxidase I gene (COⅠ) was used to develop a simple, economical and efficient molecular identification method, aiming at identifying O.mykiss. The results showed that COⅠ gene could distinguish diploid rainbow trout, Salmo salar, Oncorhynchus keta and Coregonus peled, but could not distinguish golden trout and triploid rainbow trout. In the follow-up study, we will try to identify related species according to other methods. In production practice, this method could provide a gene tag to identify O.mykiss, and provide technical support for its species identification and healthy development of industry.

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    Comparison analysis and path analysis of quantitative traits of triploid Crassostrea angulata cultured in inner and outside Huangqi Bay,Fujian Province
    QI Jianfei, WEI Shanshan, ZHENG Shenghua, LUO Huiyu, YAN Congyi, WU Qisheng, XU Cuiya, LIN Qi
    Journal of Fisheries Research    2023, 45 (5): 448-454.   DOI: 10.14012/j.cnki.fjsc.2023.05.004
    Abstract88)   HTML1)    PDF (897KB)(60)       Save

    To evaluate the culture performance of triploid Crassostrea angulata cultured in inner and outside Huangqi Bay,9 month ages oysters rope-cultured were sampled randomly in Huangqi Bay,Lianjiang,Fujian Province.The shell length(XL),shell width(XW),and shell height(XH),as well as the total weight(TW) and meat weight(MW) were measured for 85 individuals respectively.One-way analysis,multiple regression analysis and path analysis were used for investigating the morphological variation.One-way ANOVA showed that besides shell height,all morphological parameters of the oysters cultured outside the bay were significantly larger than those in the bay.The oysters cultured outside the bay were more round at shape and higher in meat condition.The optimum multiple regression equations were obtained though stepwise multiple regression analysis.As path analysis,the direct effects of morphological parameters on total weight were in order of shell length>shell width>shell height.Shell length had the maximum direct effect on the total weight,and was the major factor.The correlation indices (R2) of morphological parameters against the total weight was less than 0.850,indicating some other factors associating total weight,besides shell length,shell width and shell height,such as meat condition and shell weight.

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    Discussion and suggestion on developing the polyethylene fishing boat
    CHE Xiaojun
    Journal of Fisheries Research    2023, 45 (4): 408-414.   DOI: 10.14012/j.cnki.fjsc.2023.04.011
    Abstract87)   HTML0)    PDF (1311KB)(122)       Save

    Polyethylene ships have been used and developed for many years in foreign countries, which started relatively late in China. In order to promote the development of polyethylene aquaculture fishing boats and help the development of green aquaculture industry, on the basis of summarizing the fishing boat inspection work and widely referring to published data, the author compared the polyethylene aquaculture fishing boats with the traditional wooden and steel aquaculture fishing boats, and summarized the advantages of polyethylene aquaculture fishing boats in the application. In this paper, the advantages of polyethylene fishing boats for green development of Chinese aquaculture industry were discussed, and the main disadvantages and development difficulties of polyethylene fishing boats were pointed out, while the solutions were put forward. Some suggestions was made in this paper for the development of polyethylene fishing boats, hoping to provide reference for the application and development of polyethylene fishing boats in aquaculture.

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    Study on the dynamic elimination pattern of mebendazole in aquaculture water
    QIAN Zhuozhen, LI Leibin, LIU Zhiyu, TANG Shuifen, WANG Lijuan, JIANG Linlin, CHEN Yufeng, WEI Shaohong, YU Ying, LIU Haixin, CHEN Si, LUO Fangfang
    Journal of Fisheries Research    2023, 45 (3): 297-303.   DOI: 10.14012/j.cnki.fjsc.2023.03.010
    Abstract87)   HTML1)    PDF (1286KB)(232)       Save

    A high performance liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry (HPLC-MS/MS) method was developed for the quantitative determination of mebendazole in aquaculture water.The limit of quantification was 0.5 μg/L.The average recoveries of the three spiked levels ranged from 79.0% to 93.9%.The intra-day and inter-day relative standard deviations (RSDs) were 7.57%-8.27% and 7.43%-8.11%,respectively.The actual application concentrations of 15 μg/L and 50 μg/L were used as the tested concentrations for the elimination experiments of mebendazole in aquaculture water,respectively.The results showed that mebendazole was a photosensitive drug whose photodegradation followed the first-order kinetics.The photolytic degradation rate of mebendazole in outdoor aquaculture water under natural light was more than 80% after 648 h.The elimination half-life of mebendazole was 231.05 h at 15-18℃.At the end of the experiment (648 h),6.4 μg/L of mebendazole was still detected in the high concentration group(50 μg/L).Therefore,the results of this study could provide basic data for the pharmacokinetic study of mebendazole in aquaculture animals.

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    Analysis on the differences of four flavor compounds of Cyprinus carpio var. Quanzhounensis under two aquaculture modes
    HUANG Yin, WEN Luting, DU Xuesong, TIAN Zeyu, LI Zhe, HUANG Bo, WU Xia, LI Qing, QIN Junqi, CHEN Zhong
    Journal of Fisheries Research    2023, 45 (4): 372-377.   DOI: 10.14012/j.cnki.fjsc.2023.04.007
    Abstract86)   HTML0)    PDF (1044KB)(63)       Save

    In order to study the effect of pond and paddy field cultivation mode on the flavor substances of C.carpio var. Quanzhouensis, headspace solid phase microextraction method was used to detect the contents of E-2-nonenal, 2-methylisothiol (2-MIB), and geosmin (GSM) in muscles and hepatopancreas. The content of hypoxanthine nucleotides (IMP) was determined by high performance liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry. The results showed that in terms of earthy smell substances, the contents of 2-methylisoalloxal and geosmin in the muscle of C.carpio var. Quanzhouensis cultured in paddy fields were extremely significantly higher than those in pond cultivation mode, and the contents of e-2-nonenal and geosmin in the hepatopancreas of C.carpio var. Quanzhouensis cultured in paddy fields were extremely higher than those in pond cultivation mode (P<0.01). In terms of umami substances, IMP contents in the muscles of C.carpio var.Quanzhouensis cultured in paddy fields were extremely higher than those in ponds (P<0.01); no significant differences were found in the IMP content of the hepatopancreas. In conclusion, C.carpio var. Quanzhouensis cultured in paddy fields had a higher umami taste, but also a heavier earth odor; C.carpio var. Quanzhouensis cultured in ponds had a weak soil flavor, but umami taste was not strong.

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    Design of actuator and control system for kelp automatic knotting machine
    HUANG Guifang, LIN Jianwei, WEI Guanyuan, DING Lan, CAI Wenhong, WEI Shengjun
    Journal of Fisheries Research    2023, 45 (6): 585-592.   DOI: 10.14012/j.cnki.fjsc.2023.06.009
    Abstract86)   HTML8)    PDF (4468KB)(101)       Save

    The kelp knots are the main product for exporting and earning foreign exchange in Chinese kelp culture provinces, but there are no mechanical processing devices. Therefore, the kelp knots are usually tied manually. Based on the principle of bionics, this paper offered an automatic knotting machine which could make the kelp forming a circle and passing through it to form a knot with the logic circuit. The test verified that this knotting machine was able to complete the operational requirements for kelp knotting accurately, which showed that this design was reasonable and feasible, and had the value of promotion and application after further optimization. It could also provide certain reference for the design and application of relevant knotting equipment.

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    Assessment of the resources of Schizothorax grahami in the headwaters of Chishui River based on the marking and recapture
    CHENG Yun, ZHAO Xiaosha, TANG Yongzhong, ZHANG Youzhao
    Journal of Fisheries Research    2023, 45 (5): 473-479.   DOI: 10.14012/j.cnki.fjsc.2023.05.007
    Abstract85)   HTML2)    PDF (1079KB)(109)       Save

    In order to understand the status of fishery resources after the implementation of conservation management and stocking of the Chishui River,and to provide a data base for future fish conservation and stocking work,this study was conducted in 2016 by using three methods of fluorescent tagging,dorsal fin T-tagging,and fin clipping tagging to mark and recapture S.grahami as an indicator species,and using breeding experiments to deduce the marker loss rate.Three samples were taken in May,June and July to assess the fish resources in the source section of the Chishui River.The results showed that the instantaneous resource numbers of S.grahami in the source section of the Chishui River during the assessment period were 1.99×104,2.12×104 and 1.68×104 individuals,respectively;the instantaneous biomass was 467.6 kg,726.1 kg and 909.3 kg,respectively.Both the clipped fin marker group and the dorsal fin T marker group suffered from fall off and loss,with the loss rate of the dorsal fin T marker increasing exponentially with the increase of breeding time.The evaluation results showed that the continuous proliferation and release had a significant effect on the stability of fish resources in the headwaters of Chishui River and was conducive to the recovery of fish resources.

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    Body mass of Seriola dumerili prediction model based on LSSA-XGBOOST improved algorithm
    YU Guoyan, ZUO Renyi, YAN Jun, LUO Yingtong, ZHU Qiheng
    Journal of Fisheries Research    2023, 45 (5): 427-437.   DOI: 10.14012/j.cnki.fjsc.2023.05.002
    Abstract82)   HTML2)    PDF (2856KB)(85)       Save

    In order to build an accurate feeding model using mass judgment and obtain the body mass state of S.dumerili in real time,this study built a body mass prediction model based on LSSA-XGBOOST algorithm.Firstly,the data of body length,body width and body mass measured by the culture experiment ship were detected by extreme studentized deviate (ESD) method,and the abnormal points were removed.Secondly,the chaotic random number generator was used to complete the initial population optimization of the SSA algorithm to improve its searching ability.The optimized SSA algorithm was used to optimize three parameters of the optimal tree depth,the optimal learning rate and the optimal number of iterations of the XGBOOST model.Finally,the LSSA-XGBOOST model with body length and body width as the input and body mass data as the output was constructed.The experimental results showed that,compared with the conventional mathematical model fitting,the LSSA-XGBOOST model fitting correlation coefficient R2 increased by about 10%.Compared with the traditional BP neural network and PSO particle swarm optimization BP,the error square and R2 were improved by about 3%,and the mean absolute error (MAE),mean square error (MSE) as well as the root mean square error (RMSE) were significantly reduced.It could be seen that LSSA-XGBOOST model was more accurate for predicting the body mass of small samples of S.dumerili,and the construction of LSSA-XGBOOST model was greatly significant for users to grasp the growth state of S.dumerili and build accurate feeding model for mass judgment.

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    Implications of fish conservation in Tibet from the perspective of gut microbiota
    PAN Hongbo, LIU Haiping, GUO Mingxiong
    Journal of Fisheries Research    2023, 45 (4): 385-398.   DOI: 10.14012/j.cnki.fjsc.2023.04.009
    Abstract81)   HTML2)    PDF (1680KB)(81)       Save

    The fish gut microbiota is very diverse, but the information about the type of gut microbiota of different fish is different. Fish live in the water environment, and their gut microbiota is easily affected by factors such as environment, food, and body growth and development. This paper introduced the characteristics and resources of indigenous fish in Tibet, analyzed the composition of gut microbiota of fish, and expounded the main research technical means of fish gut microbiota structure. It could play an important role in the conservation of fish in Tibet.

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    Analysis on morphological indices and discrimination of male and female Eleotris oxycephala
    CHEN Yushu
    Journal of Fisheries Research    2023, 45 (4): 346-355.   DOI: 10.14012/j.cnki.fjsc.2023.04.004
    Abstract77)   HTML0)    PDF (1874KB)(76)       Save

    To investigate the morphological differences between male and female E.oxycephala, and improve the breeding efficiency, principal component analysis, R-cluster analysis, stepwise discriminant analysis and T-test were used to analyze 17 direct-measured characteristics and 14 standardized characteristics of 60 wild individuals. The T-test showed that there was a significant difference in size between male and female E.oxycephala individuals, however there was no significant difference in plumpness between male and female individuals. The result of principal component analysis showed that the contribution percentage of the three extracted principal components were 66.989%, 7.803% and 4.901%, respectively, and the cumulative contribution rates reached 79.693%. Standardized characteristics with significant differences of E.oxycephala between male and female populations were selected by R-cluster analysis and stepwise discriminant analysis to establish the sex discriminant equation. The equation was as follows,male:F1=-63.908X1+626.425X2+2 298.275X3+173.546X4 -55.640X5-239.618,female:F2=68.365X1+510.204X2+1 936.135X3+150.444X4 +48.164X5-204.308. The comprehensive discrimination accuracy of male and female individuals was 98.3%. To verify the accuracy of sex discriminant equation, the morphological character data of extra 23 wild E.oxycephala were substituted into the sex discriminant equation, and the comprehensive discriminant accuracy was 82.6%.

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    Investigation of fish resources in the headwaters of Chishui River
    CHEN Wenshan, CHEN Bolin, LU Qun, LIU Jianhu, HE Tao, YANG Feng
    Journal of Fisheries Research    2024, 46 (1): 60-68.   DOI: 10.14012/j.cnki.fjsc.2024.01.007
    Abstract76)   HTML6)    PDF (891KB)(68)       Save

    To monitor fish resources and biodiversity in the headwaters of Chishui River,a comprehensive investigation was conducted using both traditional catch methods and environmental DNA (eDNA) technology from 2020 to 2021.A total of 48 fish species were identified,representing 4 orders,10 families,and 41 genera.Traditional fishing methods captured 23 fish species,spanning 2 orders,5 families,and 22 genera,while eDNA technology expanded the detection to encompass 4 orders,8 families,38 genera,and 40 species.In the analysis of fish species composition,the relative importance index (IRI) highlighted Schizothorax grahami,Acrossocheilus yunnanensis,Zacco platypus,and Semilabeo prochilus as the dominant species in the river section of the reserve.The Shannon-Wiener index registered at 2.99,indicating relatively rich overall fish resources and a relatively stable community structure.The catch Margalef index (D) reached 3.31,affirming the richness of fish species in the monitoring area,with a stable composition and population structure.Further assessment revealed a catch evenness index of 0.66,indicating a uniform distribution of population structure.Notably,differences in fish resources between the main river and tributaries were observed.Based on these findings,future conservation efforts should prioritize the core protection zone of the main stream,enhancing measures for fish diversity protection.Additionally,targeted interventions to restore tributary resources should be progressively implemented to elevate the overall resource level.This study provides valuable insights into the diverse fish species,their distribution,and recommendations for effective conservation strategies in the headwaters of Chishui River.

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    Effect of ammonia seawater and 5-HT on the maturation of gametes stripped from Ruditapes philippinarum
    WU Qisheng, QI Jianfei, LUO Juan, NING Yue, GUO Xiang, LUO Huiyu, ZENG Zhinan
    Journal of Fisheries Research    2023, 45 (4): 341-345.   DOI: 10.14012/j.cnki.fjsc.2023.04.003
    Abstract74)   HTML1)    PDF (2261KB)(62)       Save

    To construct the artificial breeding method of R.philippinarum, effects of ammonia seawater and 5-hydroxytryptamine (5-HT) on the maturation of gametes were studied by soaking the dissected gametes in vitro. Results showed that immersion with ammonia seawater and 5-HT significantly stimulated the germinal vesicles breakdown in R.philippinarum (P<0.05). However, the fertilization rate of ammonia seawater treatment group was better than that of 5-HT treatment group. The fertilization rate of oocytes treated with 10 μmol/L 5-HT for 60 min was 28.38%. The fertilization rate of oocytes treated with 0.015% ammonia seawater for 60 min was the highest (about 41.28%).

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    Analysis and evaluation of nutritive composition of Epinephelus fuscoguttatus×E.polyphekadion
    LIU Min, XIE Ruitao, WANG Zhuoduo, ZHANG Haitao, HE Shuqing, SUN Guangwen
    Journal of Fisheries Research    2023, 45 (5): 496-505.   DOI: 10.14012/j.cnki.fjsc.2023.05.010
    Abstract72)   HTML2)    PDF (948KB)(161)       Save

    In this study,nutritional components in the body and muscle of a new hybrid grouper(E.fuscoguttatus ♀×E.polyphekadion ♂)were tested and analyzed with routine methods,in order to evaluate its nutritive value and offer basic date and theoretical basis for the research of its nutrition and the development of formula feed.The results showed that the ratio of flesh content was 74.31%,the contents of moisture,crude protein,crude fat,crude ash,Ca,and P of fresh body were 71.50%,20.45%,2.45%,2.88%,1.68% and 0.92%,respectively.The contents of moisture,crude protein,crude fat and crude ash of the hybrids’ fresh muscles were 74.60%,20.52%,2.48%and 1.23%,respectively.There were 18 kinds of amino acids in the muscle,including 8 essential amino acids (EAA) for human body and 4 delicious amino acids.The content of EAA was 6.89%,which accounted for 41.67% of the total amino acids.The content of tasty amino acids was 6.31%,which accounted for 38.60% of the total amino acids.The essential amino acid index (EAAI) was 78.21.The composition of EAA conforms to FAO/WHO standards.The proportion of saturated fatty acids (SFA) was 35.56%,and the proportion of polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA) was 36.46%.EPA and DHA accounted for 6.55% and 12.53% of the total fatty acids,respectively.10 kinds of mineral elements were detected in the muscle.The content of macro elements in muscle from high to low was K>P>Mg>Na>Ca.Among the trace elements,the content of Fe was the highest and the content of Se was the lowest.To sum up,the hybrid grouper(E.fuscoguttatus ♀×E.polyphekadion ♂)was a kind of high quality economic marine fish with good edible value and nutritive value,worthy of exploitation and utilization.

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    A north-south relay aquaculture experiment of Strongylocentrotus intermedius
    WANG Weigang
    Journal of Fisheries Research    2023, 45 (5): 455-461.   DOI: 10.14012/j.cnki.fjsc.2023.05.005
    Abstract71)   HTML2)    PDF (1621KB)(68)       Save

    In order to explore the feasibility of the north-south relay aquaculture model for S.intermedius between Fujian and Shandong Province,raft aquaculture experiments were conducted in the Qida sea area of Lianjiang,Fujian and Yandunjiao sea area of Rongcheng,Shandong from March 2021 to April 2022.Using abalone raft aquaculture facilities,regular feeding of kelp (Laminaria japonica) and asparagus (Gracilaria lemaneiformis) were carried out.After 13.5 months of breeding,the shell diameter of large-size S.intermedius had reached (61.97±2.38) mm,the body mass had reached (93.13±9.84) g,and the gonadal index had reached 17.69%±1.84%.The shell diameter of the middle-size S.intermedius had reached (58.20 ± 3.03) mm,the body mass had reached (68.43±8.88) g,and the gonadal index had reached 15.38%±1.44%.The shell diameter of the small-size S.intermedius had reached (51.39±2.41) mm,the body mass had reached (53.28±8.71) g,and the gonadal index had reached 13.45%±1.39%.The experimental results showed that according to the seasonal differences in seawater temperature between Fujian and Shandong,S.intermedius sea raft relay aquaculture could greatly improve the growth rate of sea urchins,shorten the breeding cycle,and was an efficient breeding model with good promotion value.Using the north-south relay aquaculture model;choosing large-size S.intermedius seedlings to breed could bring higher economic benefits.

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    A review on factors influencing the distribution and longline CPUE of Xiphias gladius
    SONG Liming, ZHANG Lingxi, BAO Minhua, SUI Hengshou, LI Bin, ZHANG Min
    Journal of Fisheries Research    2023, 45 (5): 513-522.   DOI: 10.14012/j.cnki.fjsc.2023.05.012
    Abstract71)   HTML1)    PDF (994KB)(204)       Save

    Understanding the distribution characteristics of X.gladius can provide scientific basis for studying the habitat ecology of X.gladius,resource conservation and improving longline fishing gear.This paper highlights the results of domestic and international research on factors influencing the distribution and longline catch per unit effort (CPUE) of X.gladius,as well as the problems and proposes countermeasures to be taken for further research in the future.The results show that:1) X.gladius perform diurnal vertical movements,with a U-shaped movement pattern according to the changes of dissolved oxygen content in water layer,and generally distribute in the corresponding depth of 8.5-13.3 °C during the day and 23.6-26.2 °C during the night;2) X.gladius migrate to tropical waters for spawning and overwintering,and migrate to temperate waters for feeding; 3) X.gladius congregate in frontal areas and eddy fields;4) moonlight illumination affects the vertical movements of X.gladius,and moon phase may also be related to X.gladius spawning behavior;5) the catch rate of X.gladius in monofilament longline fishing is higher than that in polyfilament longline fishing,and the soaking time is positively correlated with the CPUE of X.gladius; 6) fluorescent rods in fishing gear can improve X.gladius CPUE,and the soaking time of fluorescent rods is positively correlated with X.gladius CPUE.The main shortcomings of the previous studies include:1) insufficient research on the relationship between climatic changes and the habitat change of X.gladius;2) less quantitative research on the effect of lunar illumination on X.gladius activity and the results are not robust;3) insufficient research on the effects of different hook types,hook offset and baits on X.gladius CPUE.The following issues are suggested for future research:1) increasing the testing experiments of TDR and CTD to study the effects of temperature,salinity,chlorophyll a and dissolved oxygen concentrations in different water layers on X.gladius distribution;2) using historical catch statistics and satellite remote sensing data to study the relationship between X.gladius distribution and marine environment in combination with changes in ocean monsoon and trade winds to find out the specific effects of climate change on X.gladius distribution;3) using illuminance meters to measure the illuminance of moonlight and quantitatively study the effects of monthly illuminance of moonlight on the vertical movements of X.gladius and their bait organisms and the spawning behavior of X.gladius; 4) further studying the effects of different hook types,hook offset and different baits on X.gladius CPUE.

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    Fish community structure and the growth performance of Hypophthalmichthys molitrix and Aristichthys nobilis in Jinhu Reservoir,Taining County,Fujian Province
    HE Meifeng, XIAO Jiulan, LIANG Zhonglian, CUI Lifeng, CHEN Mengyun
    Journal of Fisheries Research    2023, 45 (5): 462-472.   DOI: 10.14012/j.cnki.fjsc.2023.05.006
    Abstract68)   HTML2)    PDF (2219KB)(97)       Save

    In order to provide basic data for biological control of water quality,to improve of fishery potential and economic benefits,we characterized the fish community and measured growth rates of H.molitrix and A.nobilis in Jinhu Reservoir.Making use of mixed gill nets,a systematic fishery investigation was conducted in Janurary,April,July,and October of 2022,respectively.A total of 32 fish species were collected,belonging to 26 genera,8 families and 3 orders.Cypriniformes was the largest order,which accounted for 75.0%.The ecological type analysis revealed that the community was dominated by carnivorous and omnivorous fish.Four dominant fish species were identified based on the index of relative importance,which were H.molitrix,A.nobilis,Xenocypris microlepis and Culter dabryi dabryi.The growth equation of body length and body mass for H.molitrix,they were Lt=74.52×[1-e-0.26(t+0.35)];Wt=6 925.48×[1-e-0.26(t+0.35)]2.906 9,respectively,and for A.nobilis were Lt= 68.35×[1-e-0.19(t+0.82)];Wt = 5 669.32×[1-e-0.19(t+0.82)]2.973 0,respectively.The highest body mass growth rate for H.molitrix occurred during the age of 1-4,and then decreased gradually,with the growth inflexion points at the age of 3.75.And infection point for A.nobilis was 4.91.As a result,the most appropriate catching age were 4-year-old for H.molitrix and 5-year-old for A.nobilis in order to get the best effect on algal bloom control and economic benefit.The results provided important scientific evidence for rational utilization of H.molitrix and A.nobilis resources and ecological environment restoration in Jinhu Reservoir of Taining,Fujian Province,China.

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    Nutritional analysis and comprehensive evaluation of by-products of sea cucumber( Apostichopus japonicus)
    WANG Yangduo, SU Yongchang, WANG Xiaoyan, SHI Wenzheng, LIU Zhiyu
    Journal of Fisheries Research    2023, 45 (6): 577-584.   DOI: 10.14012/j.cnki.fjsc.2023.06.008
    Abstract68)   HTML1)    PDF (1080KB)(38)       Save

    This article focused on the typical processing by-products of sea cucumber (A.japonicus), including intestines and ovum, to explore their nutritional composition and conduct a comprehensive evaluation by comparing them with body walls. The results showed that the crude protein, crude fat, ash, and total sugar contents in sea cucumber intestines and ovum were 68.85%, 13.53%, 9.96%, 0%,and 58.18%, 12.24%, 19.01%, 2.36%, respectively. In comparison to the body walls, the by-products exhibited higher crude protein and fat contents, but lower ash and total sugar contents. The intestines and ovum were found to contain 18 different amino acids, constituting 68.15% and 51.38% of the total amount, respectively. The ratio of essential to non-essential amino acids was 65.17% and 61.37%, respectively, with essential amino acids accounting for 39.46% and 38.03% of the total amino acids. The essential amino acid index was 94.85 and 67.73, respectively, suggesting that both the intestines and ovum possessed high nutritional value as they exhibited a good balance effect of amino acid components, identifying them as ideal protein sources. The unsaturated fatty acids constituted a similar proportion of total fatty acids, with 80.82% and 80.74%, respectively. Notably, EPA and DHA were the major components of these fatty acids. Additionally, five macro elements and five trace elements were detected, with sodium and iron being the primary elements. This study serves as a foundation for the high-value utilization of sea cucumber by-products and the development of active substances.

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