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    Optimization of preparation of chondroitin sulfate by alkali leaching method
    Lin-Hong wu chengye
       2014, 36 (6): 428-435.  
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    The alkali leaching method was used in the extraction process of chondroitin sulfate from squid cartilage.Choosing chondroitin sulfate yield as evaluation index, the best technology parameters were confirmed by single factors and surface response optimization tests. The optimum conditions of leaching technology were obtained as follows : ratio of material to solvent was 1: 8 ( g /m L ) ,leaching temperature was 5 0 C ,leaching time was 5. 3 h ,alkali concentration was 3 % . Under these conditions,the yield of chondroitin sulfate from squid cartilage was 62. 89% .
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    Relationship between bacterial density and physical and chemical factors In higher-place ponds of Litopenaeus vannamei
       2014, 36 (3): 219-226.  
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    Through continuous periodic sampling, determination and analysis, the varying regulation of the density of heterotrophic bacteria and vibrio in two intensive shrimp(Litopennaus vannamei) higher-place ponds was investigated. At the same time, the correlation between the physical and chemical factors and the density of heterotrophic bacteria and vibrio were analysed. The result showed that there was a continuously slow rise in the amount of heterotrophic bacteria, which altered in the range of 9.07×103 ~ 2.13×105cfu/mL, averanging 6.45×104 cfu/mL. The amount of vibrio in two ponds demonstrated a consistent trend, while the amount changed in the range of 2.12×102 ~ 2.91×103cfu/mL, the level of vibrio amount increased from the early stage to the middle stage during the culture period, and then decreased in the later stage because of increasing water exchange. The correlation analysis indicated that the amount of heterotrophic bacteria and vibrio had a remarkably negative correlation with transparency, the value of DO and pH. Positive correlation with the content of COD and TSS, and the same positive correlation with the amount of vibrio and content of TSS(P<0.05) were also observed.
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    Morphological characteristics and molecular phylogenetic analysis of the cultured oyster from the Houhai bay in Putian
    Peng-yun WANG
    JOURNAL OF FUJIAN FISHERIES    2013, 35 (2): 100-105.  
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    We observed the morphological characteristics and measured the key measurable character indicators of the common oyster cultured in the Houhai bay. The 16S rRNA and CO I were sequenced and the phylogenetic trees involved in seven species of oysters were reconstructed based on the sequence similarities and genetic distances of 16S rRNA and CO I gene sequences in order to identify the isolated samples. Also, the electrophoretograms of isozymes (IDH, SOD) from the digestive gland tissue were analyzed. The results showed that the oyster’s shell shape were different from each other because of the living environment. The oyster from the Houhai bay shoud not be classified as Saccostrea cucullata but Crassostrea angulata. IDH and SOD were found expressing in the digestive gland tissue but no polymorphic loci was detected. The combination of morphological characteristics and molecular phylogenetic analysis has provided a good method to identify the oyster.
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    A preliminary analysis on the morphology, DNA barcoding and isozyme of the Babylonia lutosa from Nanri Island in Putian
    Peng-yun WANG
       2017, 39 (4): 249-263.  
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    Babylonia lutosa aquaculture scale has been expanded rapidly with the important economic value and increasing demand in recent years. It becomes more and more necessary to research and understand some information about identification, molecular markers, genetic relationship, genetic polymorphism and construction of phylogenetic tree of shellfish germplasm resources in Putian. The morphological characteristics and key measurable character indicators such as body height (H), body width (B) and body weight (W) of 39 individuals at different stages cultivated in outdoor breeding pond from Nanri Island were observed and measured in order to derive the calculation formula between these traits. The mitochondria 16S rRNA, COI as well as nuclear 18S rRNA, 18S-28S rRNA were amplificated by means of PCR and sequenced as a target gene sequence, respectively. Taking Turbo chinensis as an outgroup, the Neighbor-Joining phylogenetic trees involved in the other seven species of Babylonia or related homologous sequences of Buccinoidea were reconstructed based on the analysis and comparison of sequence similarities and genetic distances of 16S rRNA, COI, 18S rRNA, 28S rRNA, ITS1 and ITS2 genes. Also, the enzymatic activities and polymorphism of six isozymes including Esterase (EST), Malic enzyme (ME), Superoxide dismutase (SOD), Lactate dehydrogenase (LDH), Malic dehydrogenase (MDH) and Isocitrate dehydrogenase (IDH) extracted from the foot muscle tissue were analyzed by using polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis. The results showed that there was no significant difference among the individual shapes of the B. lutosa shells except for obviously irregular pattern. The average of body height (H), body width (B), body weight (W) and ratio of body height (H) to body width (B) were arranged in turn as (3.65±0.51) cm, (2.18±0.28) cm, (8.66±3.36) g and (1.67±0.06) times, respectively. While the relationship between body height and body width, body weight and body height, body weight and body width growth equations could be successively described by the power function B=0.678 2H0.901 4 (R2=0.950 2), exponential function W=0.600 5e0.713 7H (R2=0.959 3) and W=0.448 0e1.330 8B (R2=0.972 6),respectively. Topology of COI phylogenetic tree suggested that B. lutosa and B. formosae clustered together first in the genus Babylonia. And B. lutosa existed in the closest phylogenetic relationship with B. formosae simultaneously. Meanwhile, the genetic distances between B. lutosa and B. japonica, B. lani, B. areolata, B. spirata, B. habei and B. zeylanica increased gradually. All the six isozymes were found expressing in the foot tissue. EST, SOD and IDH were detected with locus polymorphism among individuals. ME, LDH and MDH showed no site polymorphism in the number of enzyme bands and merely the presence of enzyme activity difference were examined. The study will provide a valuable reference for further research of B. lutosa.
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    Study advances in the effect of salinity change on fish
    JOURNAL OF FUJIAN FISHERIES    2013, 35 (5): 395-401.  
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    This paper reviewed the effects of salinity change on the survive, growth, digestive enzyme activities, and some blood physiological parameters, ATPase activity and chloride cell in gill, hormone, and muscle quality etc of fishes. The effects of salinity on the pattern of fish physiology were summarized to provide scientific basis for healthy aquaculture and salinity-resistant development of fishes in the future.
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    JOURNAL OF FUJIAN FISHERIES    2013, 35 (1): 68-72.  
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    The study on adsorptive capability of oyster shell powder adsorbing low concentration of Heavy metal ions in Water
    JOURNAL OF FUJIAN FISHERIES    2013, 35 (3): 193-202.  
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    In order to study the adsorptive capability of oyster shell powder adsorbing low concentration heavy metal ions in water, five kinds of heavy metal ions Cu2+,Zn2+,Pb2+,Cd2+,Cr(Ⅵ)has been added in the water, the influence of adding different amount, adsorption temperature, pH value, adsorption time and initial concentration of solution has been discussed. And it also carried out dynamics research, thermodynamic study and SEM analysis. Results showed that Cu2+,Zn2+,Pb2+ has a good removal capacity, but Cd2+、Cr(Ⅵ) is relatively weak. The adsorption by oyster shell powder is in line with the secondary kinetic equation and the Langmuir isotherm model. The SEM maps indicated that secondary solid was built on the oyster shell powder surface after adsorbing Cu2+,Zn2+,Pb2+ and no obvious phenomena on the surface after adsorbing Cd2+,Cr(Ⅵ).
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    Research into the desalination of Penaeus vannamei Offspring and their adaptability to the water quality of the Farming Water
    JOURNAL OF FUJIAN FISHERIES    2013, 35 (2): 138-141.  
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    Abstract: On different given farming water conditions we raised the same desalinated Penaeus vannamei offspring for 16 days and made a comparison of the survival rates together with the growing effects. As a result, when the feeding saltwater with a specific gravity of 1.001., the survival rate was as high as 93% and the length increased110%longer ;while those were raised in the pure fresh water, the surviving rate was less than 20% and the length increased only less than 50%.
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    Advances in Studies of antioxidant active substances from seaweed of China
       2015, 37 (2): 166-171.  
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    In recent years, a broad range of antioxidant active substances had been isolated and characterized from seaweed, including polysaccharides, polyphenols, superoxide dismutase, unsaturated fatty acids, taurine and vitamins, etc. Their origin, contents, structures, biological activities and corresponding mechanisms had been studied. Due to wide variety of supply and the advantages of potent antioxidant activities, complex structures and low side effects, the seaweed could be an ideal natural source for the development of marine drug and biological products. The research progress of antioxidant active substances in seaweed was systematically reviewed in this paper. These substances with the relevant researches were analyzed and discussed in an effort to provide a theoretical basis for the development of marine pharmaceutical and biological products.
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    Progress in the angiotensin converting enzymeinhibitory peptides from marine proteins of shellfish
       2017, 39 (5): 411-418.  
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    ACE inhibitory peptides play an important role in blood pressure regulation, while marine shellfish are rich in proteins and have the potential to develop ACE inhibitory peptides. The paper reviewed the antihypertensive principle, preparation, separation and purification, activity determination methods and structure-activity relationship of ACE inhibitory peptides derived from marine shellfish protein in order to provide reference for the development and utilization of marine shellfish protein.
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    Acute toxicity and safe assessment of Cr, Zn and Cd to “All Male No.1” seed of Pelteobaqrus fulvidraco
    渔业研究    2018, 40 (1): 66-70.  
    Abstract150)      PDF (666KB)(1361)       Save
    The medium lethal concentration (LC50) and the safe concentration (SC) of three heavy metals ([Cr6+], [Zn2+] and [Cd2+]) to “all male No.1” seed of Pelteobaqrus fulvidraco were tested at 28±1.5 ℃, pH6.5~7.0. The results showed that the LC50 of 24 h, 48 h, 72 h and 96 h for [Cr6+] to “all male No.1” seed of P. fulvidraco were 168.71, 84.85, 52.23 and 34.46 mg.L-1, respectively; the LC50 of 24 h, 48 h, 72 h and 96 h for [Zn2+] to “all male No.1” seed of P. fulvidraco were 5.36, 3.34, 3.12 and 2.75 mg.L-1, respectively; the LC50 of 24 h, 48 h, 72 h and 96 h for [Cd2+] to “all male No.1” seed of P. fulvidraco were 1.87, 1.74, 1.63 and 1.15 mg.L-1, respectively. The safe concentration of [Cr6+], [Zn2+] and [Cd2+] to “all male No.1” seed of P. fulvidraco were 3.45, 0.28 and 0.12mg.L-1, respectively. Taken together, to “all male No.1” seed of P. fulvidraco, the toxicity of three heavy metal ions was in the order of [Cd2+]>[Zn2+]>[Cr6+], while [Zn2+] and [Cd2+] have medium toxicity, and [Cr6+] have low toxicity.
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    JOURNAL OF FUJIAN FISHERIES    2013, 35 (1): 64-67.  
    Abstract669)      PDF (2966KB)(1350)       Save
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    Effect of different nitrogen and phosphorus sources on the growth of Platymonus subcordiformis
       2014, 36 (4): 258-263.  
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    Through observing and counting the quantity of algae cells,the article discussed effect on the growth rate of the algae from different nitrogen and phosphorus sources using Platymonus subcordiformis as the experimental object ,sodium nitrate, urea or ammonium sulphate as nitrogen source, potassium dihydrogen phosphate or sodium dihydrogen phosphate as phosphorus source. The results showed that in the culture solution of sodium nitrate, urea, ammonium sulfate, potassium dihydrogen phosphate and sodium dihydrogen phosphate , platymonas subcordiformis could grow normally, especially grow significantly in the urea and sodium dihydrogen phosphate solution. Urea (0.0512) was the most effectively than sodium nitrate (0.0325)and ammonium sulphate(0.0306) on the growth rate of the algae.In the orthogonal experiment, using disodium hydrogen phosphate and urea as the nitrogen and phosphorus source could significantly promote the algae growth, and at the end of index growth period, the algae cell concentration could reach up to 6.1×105 cell/mL, which was the most ideal bait concentration of flat algae used as live foods.
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    Analysis of Current State, Problems and Corresponding Development Policies of Abalone Culture Industry in Fuzhou
    JOURNAL OF FUJIAN FISHERIES    2013, 35 (3): 236-241.  
    Abstract509)      PDF (4143KB)(1298)       Save
    according to statistics, by 2010, our national abalone production reached 5.65×104t, accounting for 86% of world total production, among which 3/4 were produced in Fujian province. In 2011, abalone production in Fuzhou city, Fujian province amounted to 3.15×104t, taking up 52% of the province’s total production. Lianjiang county, known as the “home to Chinese abalone.”, in particular, is the nation-wide top abalone production county in China, Undergoing two decades of development, abalone production industry in Fuzhou has become a pillar mariculture industry with annual production value of 30×108 yuan. In spite of its significant role in accelerating social and economic development in the fishing area, it also confronts several problems and bottlenecks. The corresponding policies are as follows: to strengthen sea area planning and distribution and promote orderly development of abalone industry; to intensify system development for seed industry and speed up introduction and breeding of quality seeds; to take overall prevention and treatment measure to minimize risk of abalone industry; to innovate abalone farming technological pattern so as to increase the overall benefit of abalone industry; to accelerate supportive feed research and development, ensuring supply of abalone feed; to vigorously develop deep-processing to improve additional value of abalone products; to build brand and expand market for the sustained stable development of abalone industry.
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    The effect of several modification on electroosmosis and freezing point of agarose
    wu chengye
    JOURNAL OF FUJIAN FISHERIES    2013, 35 (3): 242-246.  
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    This paper reviews the features and applications of low electroosmosis agarose, low freezing point agarose and agarose chromatography material. And cited several modification methods and modified principle of the products. The paper is aiming to provide reference for modification process and further in-depth study of the agarose.
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    Study on biological activity and extract technology of phlorotannins
       2013, 35 (6): 480-484.  
    Abstract238)      PDF (3768KB)(1293)       Save
    In this paper, structure of phlorotannins from brown algae were analyzed, research on the biological activity of antimicrobial, antioxidant, anticoagulant, antitumor activity and chemical defensive were reviewed, extract effect of phlorotannins was evaluated to compare different extract methods including organic solvent infusion, ultrasonic extraction, microwave extraction and organic solvent purification, objective to provide evidence for further research and utilization of phlorotannins.
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    Discussion on the Practicability of Setting Frozen Surimi Sector Standard
    JOURNAL OF FUJIAN FISHERIES    2013, 35 (1): 58-63.  
    Abstract796)      PDF (4173KB)(1282)       Save
    The urgency and necessity of setting frozen surimi sector standard are analyzed based on the current development of frozen surimi in this summary, through different light such as the standardization system establishment of aquatic products processing, reducing trade disputes, the protection of fishery resources, the construction industrial organization and discipline, cultivating the large-scale enterprises and so on. In order to get a viable sector standard of frozen surimi, the practicability is described and the suggestions are given according to related standards, which contain the using requirements of raw materials, safety index, physicochemical indexes, classification sensory evaluation and other aspects of frozen surimi. So the surimi industry will develop healthily and rapidly.
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    Primary study of productive culture technology of Fugu flavidus in mud ponds
    Yue-Ping ZHANG
    JOURNAL OF FUJIAN FISHERIES    2011, 33 (4): 31-36.  
    Abstract1502)            Save
    Fugu flavidus is good nutritional value and multi-purpose, which is wide-used in different fields. Its culture in mud ponds will add culture species and improve its profits in mud culture. The paper will provide a technical guide of its culture based on daily management, feeding and water quality management, disease preventing and cure. Fugu flavidus grows quickly in mud ponds with weight-growth rate of 0.658g/day , and the survival rate is 86.7%. There is two feeding peak with dawning and dusk, the time of feeding is about 1-2hours, and the amount of feed of dawning accounts for 1/3 of total daily amount. The Daily feeding rate is 2.0~3.0% in early-stage, and 1.5~2.0% in late-stage, which have to be modified in abnormal condition. The amount of water exchange is 20%~40%. According to the principle of “prevention is first combined with treatment”, the disease will be control, prevented and treated mainly with the management of water quality, feed and drugs using.
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    Acute heat stress on the influence oi large yellow croaker( Larimichthys crocea ) serum physiological indicators
       2016, 38 (6): 437-444.  
    Abstract175)      PDF (2641KB)(1269)       Save
    As a cold-blooded animal,fish is particularly sensitive to the changes of the water temperature,and makes rapid response in physiological changes at the same time. This study analyzed the variation law of serum corisol,blood glucose and lactic acid in the juveniles of large yellow croaker under the stress of mutation high temperature. To make it clear,the experiment selected large yellow croaker, the average weight was (118.8±6.05) g and 8-month-old as experiment object,and maintained the temperature at (23±0.3)℃ (the control group) and (33±0.3)℃ (the test group), temperature-changing process was mutation,then we observed and recorded the experimental phenomena. The results indicated that the juveniles of large yellow croaker had a strong stress response,such as accelerating breathing,extreme anxiety,intense swimming,when subjected to high temperature stress at 33℃. The serum of the test group showed a significant increase in corisol,glucose,lactic acid content compared to the control group (P<0.05 or 0.01) after two hours,and then the jvenile of test group stared to die in succession,eventually all died. Research showed that the high temperature of 33℃ stress had a fatal effect on the large yellow croakers,and we should strictly control the water temperature below 33℃ in the actual production.
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    Analysis of cultivated oyster populations along the coastline of Fujian by multiplex species-specific PCR and morphological parameters
       2014, 36 (1): 7-13.  
    Abstract206)      PDF (4277KB)(1259)       Save
    The present study was to develop the identification of 6 natural seeding cultivated, named FD, LJZ, FQ, PT, SSZ and XM, and 4 artificial breeding oysters population, named ND,LJR, SSR and ZA, in coastal sea of Fujian, through using multiplex species-specific PCR method. By ANOVA and Tukey multiple comparison methods, four shell morphologies from 10 breeding populations were also analyzed. A total number of 300 individual oysters were randomly collected from 10 sites along Fujian coast. Results of multiplex species-specific PCR showed that 17 samples were Crassostrea sikamea and others were Crassostrea angulata which including all artificial breeding oysters. The results indicated cultivated oysters in coastal sea of Fujian Province included Crassostrea sikamea and Crassostrea angulata, and Crassostrea angulata is dominant species. ANOVA analysis showed the values of four shell morphologies in Crassostrea angulata are greater than Crassostrea sikamea, and no significant difference was observed between the populations of FD and SSZ, SSR and XM respectively(P>0.05), while FD and FQ, ND and LJR was significant(P<0.05).
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    Effects of concentrations of nitrogen and phosphorus and different culture methods on the growth of Caulerpa lentillifera
    huang jianhui
    JOURNAL OF FUJIAN FISHERIES    2012, 34 (5): 416-419.  
    Abstract1069)      PDF (1939KB)(1254)       Save
    Abstract: The effects of concentration of nitrogen and phosphorus and different culture methods on the growth of green macroalgae Caulerpa lentillifera were studied. Results showed that concentration of nitrogen had different effect on the growth of C. lentillifera. The wet weight of C. lentillifera was the highest when it was cultured in 15 mg?㎏-1 within the tested range of nitrogen concentration (0 mg?㎏-1~50 mg?㎏-). The effects of concentrations of phosphorus on the growth of C. lentillifera were similar. The wet weight of C. lentillifera was the highest in the 4 mg?㎏-1 in the tested treatments (0 mg?㎏-1~5 mg?㎏-1). Different culture methods had large influence on the growth of C. lentillifera. C. lentillifera was the best when it was cultured in basin among the flask, basin and nylon rope treatments.
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    Speciation analysis and hazards of cadmium in aquatic products
    wu chengye
       2014, 36 (1): 78-84.  
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    Cadmium (Cd) is a non-essential trace element for organism, and has strong toxicity at low concentrations. In recent years, cadmium in aquatic animals is excessive because of industrial pollution and the use of aquatic animals or their scraps as feed. Cadmium has a long residual time, and can be bioaccumulated through the food chain transfer, which is becoming a threat to the human health. An overview of pollution sources, the speciation, the different speciation hazards and detection methods about cadmium are described.
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    Research progress on chemical modification and application of collagen
       2017, 39 (2): 147-156.  
    Abstract201)      PDF (1347KB)(1246)       Save
    Collagen is an important structural protein in animal body. It is widely used because oi its biodegradability, biocompatibility and nontoxicity. In this paper, the research progress of the chemical modification of collagen by glutaraldehyde, β- cyclodextrin, polyrotaxane aldehyde, malonic acid and other crosslinking agents was reviewed, and the application of collagen modified materials in hemostatic, drug delivery carrier and tissue engineering scaffold was introduced
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    The discussion of Fujian province fishing vessel inspection personnel equipment problem
    JOURNAL OF FUJIAN FISHERIES    2011, 33 (4): 47-50.  
    Abstract1522)            Save
    The fishing vessel legal inspection is a public service of the government-leading management . This article summarizes the fishing vessel status of Fujian province, fishing vessel inspection relevant laws and regulations, analyzing problems in the fishing vessel inspection, establish and perfect the inspection work mechanism, actively build good working environment, promote the Fujian province fishing vessel inspection work in normal operation.
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    Research on the biofloc bacterial community structure during larval rearing of Litopenaeus vannamei using metagenome sequencing
       2015, 37 (2): 91-97.  
    Abstract170)      PDF (1769KB)(1232)       Save
    During larval rearing of Litopenaeus vannamei, the formation of biofloc in culture pond water could be facilitated after adding sucrose as the main carbohydrate sources. The analysis of biofloc taxonomic composition of metagenomic community showed that the species abundance and dominant bacteria in biofloc were fundamentally the same within experimental and control group in the level of phylum, class and genera, but the proportion of bacteria composition was different. The proportion of Alphaproteobacteria detected in experimental and control groups, which have the ability of removing contaminants, was 16.2% and 14.4%, respectively. The proportion of Pseudoalteromonas and Vibrio, which were the common pathogenic bacteria, was 1.3% and1.4% together with 0% and 0.1% in experimental and control groups. The paper provided the basic data for the application of biofloc technology in the process of shrimp nursery and breeding.
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    Research progress of supercritical fluid extraction technology applied in marine fisheries
    JOURNAL OF FUJIAN FISHERIES    2013, 35 (5): 402-406.  
    Abstract190)      PDF (657KB)(1227)       Save

    Supercritical fluid extraction as a new “green” extraction and separation technology has several advantages such as high separation efficiency and dissolving ability. It can maintain the biological activity of products, increase the extraction rate and purity of products etc. And the technique’s operation is simple and feasible. The basic principles and characteristics of supercritical fluid extraction technology were introduced and its research progress of extracting bioactive substances from marine fisheries was reviewed, and its application prospects in the field were foreseen.

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    The process of enrichment and purified of pesticide residues in environment water for determination (review)
    Jiang-Lei YE
       2014, 36 (2): 159-165.  
    Abstract142)      PDF (5175KB)(1222)       Save
    The pesticide residues in environment water could not be detected directly, because the content was much lower than the limit of detection (LOD) of analysis instrument. The bottle-neck was how to enrich the targets. In this paper, it was reviewed that the research progress of enrichment and purified technology of the pesticide residues in environment water in recent years. It was focused on the discussion of influence factors of liquid - liquid extraction (LLE), such as: the selection of extraction solvent, mode of vibration, mode of condense, phenomenon of emulsification and salt out, pH, purification of extractions; of solid phase extraction (SPE), such as: the selection and activation of absorbent material, breakthrough volume, sample flow rate, moisture removal, leaching of the SPE cartridge, elution of the targets, pH and NaCl, purification of the elution solvent. Some new type enrichment methods were briefly introduced, and their disadvantages were discussed. The directions for future research were forecasted on the enrichment and purified technologies of pesticide residues in environment water.
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    Research Progress of the Fatty Acid in the Marine Microalgae
    Lin WuJie
    JOURNAL OF FUJIAN FISHERIES    2013, 35 (1): 78-82.  
    Abstract780)      PDF (3976KB)(1220)       Save
    Abstract: Arachidonic acid,Eicosapentaenoic acid and Docosahexaenoic acid are the essential polyunsaturated fatcyacigs of human and other animal. This paper reviews the influence of environmental impact factor (temperature, light radiation, chemical composition of culture solution, ventilation volume, methods of storage and culture, and so on) on the content of PUFAs in the marine microalgae, to provide a theoretical reference for the follow-up researcher. Producing the PUFA by the ocean microalgae has great advantage compared to extracting the PUFA directly from the fish. The core problem of microalgae industry is developping the efficient and cheap photo-bioreactor.
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    Studies on the content change of heavy metals in seawater of Minjiang Estuary
    JOURNAL OF FUJIAN FISHERIES    2013, 35 (3): 203-210.  
    Abstract492)      PDF (4472KB)(1212)       Save
    The contents of the heavy metals such as Hg、As、Pb、Cd、Cu、Zn in the seawater near Minjiang Estuary are determined and the distribution law is obtained from 2003 to 2012. Using ARIMA model to forecast the trend of contents within the next two years. The results showed that the contents of Pb, Cd, Cu are relatively stable near Minjiang Estuary since 2003,while the other contents of the heavy metals are steady yearly .The analysis of ARIMA indicated that the contents of heavy metals within the future two years will be close to the average annual contents in 2003~2012。
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    Analysis of the quality safety and management of aquatic products in Fujian province
       2014, 36 (6): 490-494.  
    Abstract117)      PDF (1044KB)(1194)       Save
    Aquatic products occupy an important position in national economy,and its quality and safety are critically important to the stable development of social economy and harmonious of people s life. Fujian province is one oi the largest provinces with abundant nshery resources,and the governments at all levels attach great importance to the work of managing quality and safety of aquatic products. In this paper,countermeasures and suggestions on the quality and safety of aquatic products safety management were put forward by analyzing breeding,diseases,pollutants,processing circulation of aquatic products in Fujian province,as well as the security risks. Through the above ways,some useful references and help could be provided to improve the quality and safety of aquatic products in Fujian province.
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    Analysis and evaluation on water quality of main aquaculture area in Xiamen coastal waters
    JOURNAL OF FUJIAN FISHERIES    2013, 35 (3): 218-225.  
    Abstract487)      PDF (4101KB)(1186)       Save
    According to monitoring results on water quality environment of Xiamen coastal aquaculture area from 2010 to 2012, this paper analyzes and evaluates the water quality status in major culture area in Xiamen. The results show that the water environmental quality is generally good. The indicators of pH, DO, BOD5 and COD are basically in compliance with the standard. The water quality in Da-xiao Deng sea area is excellent, while there are varying degrees of eutrophication in Tong’an bay.
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    Species composition and abundance temporal-spatial distribution of fish egg, larvae and juveniles in Dongshan Bay of Fujian
    JOURNAL OF FUJIAN FISHERIES    2013, 35 (1): 1-7.  
    Abstract812)      PDF (4139KB)(1185)       Save
    Abstract: Based on the surveys data of fish eggs, larvae and juveniles in Dongshan Bay of Fujian in Spring(May, 2008) and Summer(August, 2008) and historical related data, the composition and abundance of temporal-spatial distribution of fish eggs, larvae and juveniles in Dongshan Bay were studied. The results showed that: there were 24 species of fish eggs, larvae and juveniles in survey stations, of which 16 were identified to species, 4 to genus, 4 to family and 2 unidentified. The fish is active in reproductive during spring and summer, while there are plenty eggs and larvae in the bay. The number of fish eggs, larvae and juveniles were mainly consist of migratory economic species, such as Etrumeus teres, Sardinella aurita, Sardinella zunasi, Sillago japonica and Argyrosomus argentatus. Intensive areas of fish eggs in spring is in coastal water of west of Dashuang Island and coastal water of nearest of Ciziwei Nuclear Power Plant, while in Tayu near the bay estuary in summer. In compare with other gulfs in Fujian, Dongshan Bay is an important spawning ground for migratory economic fish on account of its long spawning period. So, its economic value is more important than Quanzhou Bay and Sansha Bay.
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    Studies on Methods of Isolation,Purification and Analysis for sulfated polysaccharides
    wu chengye
    JOURNAL OF FUJIAN FISHERIES    2013, 35 (2): 155-160.  
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    The thesis generalizes several rmethods of removeing proteins and eliminating pigment from polysaccharide, and several kinds of principles and methods that classify and purify sulfated polysaccharides,including organic solvent precipitation,quaternary ammonium salt precipitation,ultrafiltration technology,ion exchange chromatography and gel chromatography,then summarizes the analytical methods of sulfated polysaccharides in terms of sulfate radical,relative molecular weight,total sugar,purity and structure.At last,the thesis puts forward to further research structure-function relationship of sulfated polysaccharides.
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    The research process of fish genetic breeding
    Jiang LiHua
    JOURNAL OF FUJIAN FISHERIES    2012, 34 (5): 420-427.  
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    Abstract: The paper reported the outlook of fish breeding, the first part was about traditional breeding methods of selective breeding, domestication and cross-breeding, secondly, modern biotechnology in fish breeding was also described, it included polyploidy breeding, androgenesis, nuclear transfer, transgenic, molecular marker assisted breeding and genome breeding. And the challenge and tendency were posed finally. Keywords: fish genetic breeding; research process
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    Crab Species Composition and Distribution Characteristics of four fisheries in Middle and Southern Part of Fujian Coastal Waters
    chang-chun SHEN
       2014, 36 (1): 47-54.  
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    Crabs are one of the important economic species in Fujian sea area. Based on the survey data of crabs from January of 2009 to December of 2011, species composition and geographical distribution characteristic of crabs caught by four fisheries in middle and southern part of Fujian coastal waters were analyzed and studied. The results showed that a total of 94 species recorded belongs to 16 families and 53 genera. Most of them are warm water species of subtropical and tropical zones. They are much closer to South China Sea, and a bit far from the Yellow Sea and Bohai Sea. All of these crabs are distributed in shallow sea, while 26.60% of the crabs are distributed both in shallow sea. and the intertidal zone. Most crabs in Fujian sea area are belongs to middle and small-sized species. High-intensity fishing leads to the destruction of the crab resource. So it is necessary to adjust fisheries structure and develop fisheries in open seas. Meanwhile, dynamic monitoring and enhancement and releasing of fishery resource should be carried out, and implementing TAC management system.
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    Analysis of two fishery contamination accidents caused by poultry manure
    JOURNAL OF FUJIAN FISHERIES    2013, 35 (3): 230-235.  
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    Two fishery death accidents happened in Fujian province Minhou county and Fuqing city freshwater fish farms were concluded caused by poultry manure contamination. Through the investigation we found the ammonia, ammonia nitrogen and total coli group were beyond the standard level in the contaminated water. The oxygen consumption substances increased by poultry manure contamination in Minhou county fishery farm. The consumption of oxygen in water caused the fish died for hypoxia. The dissolved oxygen in dead zone is 0.55mg/L to 0.92mg/L. Caused by poultry manure contamination in Fuqing city fishery farm, the amount of phytoplankton rapidly increased from 9.58×107 to 1.05×108cell/L after consuming ammonia nitrogen nutrients. Photosynthesis also produced lager amounts of oxygen in daylight which resulted in super saturation dissolved oxygen (180%~183%). At the same time released of carbon dioxide also led to pH increase (9.59~9.79). Furthermore, a large amount of NH4+ in water were transformed into NH3, consequently fish died for the increase of ammonia content. After investigation of these two typical poultry manure contamination in aquaculture water cases, we analyzed the variation of index factors and concluded that the poultry manure contamination could lead to increase of ammonia, ammonia nitrogen and total coli group. The factors causing fish death were lack of oxygen and ammonia poisoning. Recommended strategies for pollution prevention suggested in the paper as well.
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    Species composition and quantitative distribution of fishes in the Qitou Sea, Zhoushan
       2014, 36 (1): 35-46.  
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    Based on the demersal fishes that collected by bottom trawl in the Qitou Sea belong to Zhoushan Fishing Ground in May and October 2012, we analyzed fish species composition, fauna characters, and quantitative distribution in the survey area, and the result showed: (1) 50 species of fish were found and identified in spring and autumn, which belonged to 11 orders and 28 families. More species belonged to Sciaenidae and Gobiidae, and each has 7 species, accounting for 14.0 %. (2) In thermal adaptation, fishes in this area could be divided into two types, including warm-water species, warm-temperate species. The fishes which were caught mainly belonged to warm-temperate species, who had 36 species, accounting for 72.0 %. (3) Distribution of the catch rates showed that more fishes were caught between the zone of Zhoushan Island to Xiaogan Island sea area in spring; and in autumn the fishes were concentrated on two sea area including Zhoushan Island to Xiaogan Island sea area, and the northwestern of Chuanshan Peninsula to Liuheng Island sea area. (4) There were 5 dominant species in spring that were Amblychaeturichthys hexanema, Trichiurus haumela, Lateolabrax japonicus, Collichthys lucidus, Harpodon nehereus; but in autumn, Harpodon nehereus was the unique dominant specie. (5) Considering the salinity and the water temperature of the area surveyed in bottom, the population structure of the dominant species was analyzed. The result showed that there was probably a feeding ground to the adolescent fish such as Trichiurus haumela, Lateolabrax japonicus and Collichthys lucidus in spring.
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    Preliminary study on the turnover culture technique of Pyropia haitanensis
    Hui-zhen HUANG
       2015, 37 (3): 256-260.  
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    Xiapu Aquaculture Technology Extension Station and Fujian Jiqinghe Ocean Development Limited Liability Company jointly carried out the experiment of turnover culture technique of Pyropia haitanensis in Dongbi Sea area. The total culture area was 6 hm2. The result showed that the turnover culture technique of pyropia was a culture method had the advantages of simple structure, convenient operation, energy saving and environmental protection, low production cost, high economic efficiency, wide application range, high product quality. The production output of the turnover culture of pyropia was 1100 kg/200 m2. The output value was ¥10550/200 m2. The cost of production was ¥1150/200 m2. The profit was ¥9400/200 m2. This paper introduced the turnover culture technique and summarized the experience and deficiency of this experiment. We hoped this paper could provide us a solid foundation for the innovation of culture technique and large scale application of turnover culture technique for Pyropia in the future.
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    Tidal characteristics in the Sansha Bay of Fujian
       2014, 36 (4): 306-314.  
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    Based on the hourly tidal observations data at the Xiaopu Dongchong station、Ningde Cheng’ao station and Fu'an Baima station from 2012 May to 2013 April,tidal characteristics in the Sansha Bay of Fujian were analyzed by means of statistics of each station. The results showed that the tidal types in the Sansha Bay was regular semidiurnal tide, tidal cycle in the Shasha Bay was 12 h 24 min, and the tide was seasonal obviously.The tidal diurnal inequality was evident, diurnal inequality was more obvious during low tide than that during high tide.The Shasha Bay was a strong tide area,the maximum tidal range,average tidal range and minimum tidal range from the mouth to the top along the Bay were gradually enhanced,the average tidal range was more than 500 cm,the monthly maximum tidal range appeared in September, the smallest range appeared in March.
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    Effect on quality of Tasteless Dried Sea Cucumber with Different Rehydration Conditions
       2014, 36 (1): 29-34.  
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    With broad development prospects, tasteless dried sea cucumber is one of main trends in the development of sea cucumber dry products in the future. Different conditions on rehydration had a more significant impact on nutrition and taste dried of tasteless dried sea cucumber. Based on the above, this study intends to explore the impact of tasteless dried sea cucumber nutrition and taste with different blanching temperature, blanching time, holding temperature and holding time. Rehydration ratio. textural properties (hardness, elasticity) in the rehydrating process of tasteless dried sea cucumber and other indicators were measured, compared and analyzed. The results showed that: blanching 20min at 90℃, incubated for 40h at 70℃ and rehydration ratio of 5-6, in which tasteless dried sea cucumber was rehydrated best, good texture and taste.
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