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JOURNAL OF FUJIAN FISHERIES ›› 2013, Vol. 35 ›› Issue (2): 112-117.

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Preparation and Effects of Anti-oxidation and Anti-fatigue of Polypeptides Beverage from Tilapia Byproduct


  • Received:2012-11-29 Revised:2013-01-22 Online:2013-04-25 Published:2013-04-27
  • Contact: wu chengye



  1. 福建省水产研究所
  • 通讯作者: 吴成业

Abstract: A large amount of byproduct is produced in the process of tilapia fillet processing. Tilapia byproduct is low cost, rich in protein and contains abundant nutritional components. The hydrolysis of tilapia byproduct by the neutral protease and flavorzyme was studied. The enzymatic hydrolysate was obtained by centrifuging and filtering and the polypeptides solution was prepared by ultrafiltration membrane,and the polypeptides beverage was prepared. The anti-oxidation and anti-fatigue effects of the polypeptides beverage were investigated. The Results showed that polypeptides beverage was rich in nutrient and performed the good palatability. Its polypeptide content reached 18.7 g/L,and the amino nitrogen content was 1.2 g/L. The analytic results of heavy metal and microorganism determination showed that the product conformed to the national hygienically standard for feeds. The animal experiment proved that anti-oxidation activity and the time span of weight-loaded swimming of mice had increased. It showed that the tilapia polypeptides beverage have effects of relieving fatigue and anti-oxidation.

摘要: 在罗非鱼片加工过程中产生了大量的加工副产物,这些加工副产物中蛋白质含量高,营养成分,但目前大多利用率低,价格低廉,本研究旨在开发罗非鱼多肽饮料,为罗非鱼加工副产物开发利用提供新途径。研究采用中性蛋白酶和风味蛋白酶对罗非鱼加工副产物进行双酶解,运用超滤技术获得小分子多肽溶液,并进行复配为多肽饮料。将该多肽饮料连续灌胃小鼠30 d后,测定血清抗氧化能力,并进行负重游泳实验。实验结果表明,罗非鱼多肽饮料具有良好的适口性,并且富含蛋白质和氨基酸,其中多肽含量为18.7 g/L,氨基态氮含量1.2 g/L,氨基酸种类齐全。多肽饮料检测的重金属含量及微生物指标均符合卫生标准。多肽饮料能够提高小鼠体内抗氧化水平,延长小鼠负重游泳时间,具有一定的抗氧化和抗疲劳效果。

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