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    25 April 2013, Volume 35 Issue 2
    A preliminary study on marine environment recovery
    2013, 35(2):  85-92. 
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    Dingzi Bay was positioned as Tthe cultural tourism industries cluster district of Dingzi Bay became a new bright spot in the economic integration of Shandong Peninsula, after the was approved as the national strategy. However, In these recent years, the natural coastline and ecological environment in Dingzi Bay were severely damaged due to excessive reclamation for shrimp pools and salt fields. At present, the weak hydrodynamic condition was weak, severe sedimentation, combined with breeding waste and domestic sewage, not only led to ecological environment overload, but also led to low efficiency of sea use in Dingzi Bay. Therefore, the aquaculture and saline dams should be demolished in order to recover marine ecological environment in Dingzi Bay. Numerical simulation was applied for hydrodynamic condition, water exchange rate and tidal capacity changes without aquaculture and saline dams. The numerical simulation results showed that the hydrodynamic condition was significantly enhanced, half-life time was shorter and tidal capacity was nearly increased more than one times much in Dingzi Bay after the demolition of the existing shrimp pools and salt fields. Thus, dams demolition have important significance of marine environment quality improvement, sediment sedimentation remission, pollutant dilution ability enhancement and marine environmental capacity increase in Dingzi Bay. Moreover, some propose were put forward in order to promote the efficiency usage of regional resources and the sustainable development.
    Genetic biology analysis and identification of F1 hybrids[ Channa argus(♂)×C. maculata(♀)]
    2013, 35(2):  93-99. 
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    Abstract: Random amplified polymorphic DNA (RAPD) technique was applied to assess the relationship of genetic structure and species diversity between hybrids F1 and their parents. The RAPD fingerprints of hybrids F1 and their parents were obtained with RAPD analysis using 90 random primers, of which 35 generated polymorphic products. The results show that the genetic distance between hybrids F1 and Channa argus(♀)or C. maculata(♂) was closer than between their parents, it meant hybrids F1 were the hybrid generation of their parents.The polymorphic proportion of F1 hybrids 47.9% and hybridzation degree H=0.122 could be the genetic breeding standard to measure the genetic diversity of the species progeny.
    Morphological characteristics and molecular phylogenetic analysis of the cultured oyster from the Houhai bay in Putian
    Peng-yun WANG
    2013, 35(2):  100-105. 
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    We observed the morphological characteristics and measured the key measurable character indicators of the common oyster cultured in the Houhai bay. The 16S rRNA and CO I were sequenced and the phylogenetic trees involved in seven species of oysters were reconstructed based on the sequence similarities and genetic distances of 16S rRNA and CO I gene sequences in order to identify the isolated samples. Also, the electrophoretograms of isozymes (IDH, SOD) from the digestive gland tissue were analyzed. The results showed that the oyster’s shell shape were different from each other because of the living environment. The oyster from the Houhai bay shoud not be classified as Saccostrea cucullata but Crassostrea angulata. IDH and SOD were found expressing in the digestive gland tissue but no polymorphic loci was detected. The combination of morphological characteristics and molecular phylogenetic analysis has provided a good method to identify the oyster.
    Isolation and Identification of Edwardsiella tarda from Cultured Red Sea Bream(Pagrosomus major) with Cryptocaryonosis
    2013, 35(2):  106-111. 
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    The Cultured Red Sea Bream(Pagrosomus major) break out a large number of deaths on the marine cage culture area of Donghan town in Fuqing City during August in 2012. The fishes were sick and finally died, with the symptoms of spleen and kidney enlargement, liver congestion in addition to Cryptocaryon irritans disease symptom on the body surface.With the help of TEM,biochemical characteristics of bacteria,and the molecular systematic(phylogenetic tree based on 16S rDNA sequences),the bacteria was identified.It was concluded that the bacteria isolated from the red sea bream above,was Edwardsiella tarda, with the homology of 99%,and together with Edwardsiella tarda in phylogenetic tree,what’s more,with the same biochemical characteristics as Edwardsiella tarda. The test result of the sensitivity to antibiotics showed that the strain chloromycetin senstive and other ten antibiotics senstive.
    Preparation and Effects of Anti-oxidation and Anti-fatigue of Polypeptides Beverage from Tilapia Byproduct
    2013, 35(2):  112-117. 
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    A large amount of byproduct is produced in the process of tilapia fillet processing. Tilapia byproduct is low cost, rich in protein and contains abundant nutritional components. The hydrolysis of tilapia byproduct by the neutral protease and flavorzyme was studied. The enzymatic hydrolysate was obtained by centrifuging and filtering and the polypeptides solution was prepared by ultrafiltration membrane,and the polypeptides beverage was prepared. The anti-oxidation and anti-fatigue effects of the polypeptides beverage were investigated. The Results showed that polypeptides beverage was rich in nutrient and performed the good palatability. Its polypeptide content reached 18.7 g/L,and the amino nitrogen content was 1.2 g/L. The analytic results of heavy metal and microorganism determination showed that the product conformed to the national hygienically standard for feeds. The animal experiment proved that anti-oxidation activity and the time span of weight-loaded swimming of mice had increased. It showed that the tilapia polypeptides beverage have effects of relieving fatigue and anti-oxidation.
    Detection of malachite green residue in fish by ELISA
    2013, 35(2):  118-123. 
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    We developed a kit for determine the malachite green(MG) and crystal violet residues in fish by enzyme-linked immune-sorbent assay(ELISA) and had a quality verification.The results show that the linear range was from 0.2 ng/mL to 5.4 ng/mL, the IC50 was 0.495 ng/mL, and the detection limits of MG in fish was 0.17 ng/g. The average recovery rate was higher than 72.4%, the intra-assay and inter-assay coefficient of variation(CV) were 12.4% and 12.9% respectively. This method is sensitive, accurate and rapid, suitable for the determination of malachite green, crystal violet, leucomalachite green and leucocrystal violet total residues in fish.
    Rapid Determination of Diethylstilbestrol in perch by High Performance Liquid Chromatography
    2013, 35(2):  124-128. 
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    A method has been developed for rapid determination of diethylstilbestrol in perch by high performance liquid chromatography. The results showed that the calibration coefficient is 0.9999, the dynamic linear range is 0.00-2.00μg/mL, The limit of detection is 0.06μg/mL, The average recovery is 78.00 %-82.30, and their relative standard deviation is 0.25%-1.37%. The method can be used to rapid determination of diethylstilbestrol in perch with satisfactory precision , sensitivity and accuracy.
    ICP-MS coupled with microwave digestion for simultaneous determination of 16 metallic elements in shellfish
    Wu-Lin Yang
    2013, 35(2):  129-133. 
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    An analytical method using inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS) coupled with microwave digestion for simultaneous determination of Cr, Mn, Fe, Co, Ni, Cu, Zn, As, Se, Mo, Ag, Cd, Ba, Hg, Tl and Pb elements in shellfish was described. The samples were dissolved in HNO3 by microwave digestion, then the above 16 elements were simultaneously detected by ICP-MS. Correction for matrix effect was made by online addition of internal standards. The correlation coefficients of the calibration curves were all above 0.9992 for all target elements. Detection limits for these sixteen elements were in the range of 6.64×10-4~0.0851 μg?L-1. The oyster samples were determined parallel six times and the relative standard deviation (RSD) was less than 5%. The certificated reference materials of scallop (GBW10024) standard reference material were analyzed, and the determination values were in good agreement with the reference values. Due to the advantages of speediness, simplicity, high sensitivity and preciseness, the above method can be used for simultaneous determination of metallic elements in variety of shellfish samples.
    Primary report on Zhongkehong Argopecten irradias culture in sea area of Fuzhou
    2013, 35(2):  134-137. 
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    Abstract: to explore the feasibility of Argopecten irradias culture in sea area of Fuzhou, we introduced Zhongkehong Argopecten irradias from Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Sciences for the first time and carried out trial culture in Lianjiang sea area. The Zhongkehong Argopecten irradias grew fast and mean shell build-up was more than 1 cm during July to August due to the warm water and the growth rate declined since September with temperature drop. Such result shows that the Zhongkehong Argopecten irradias can adapt this environment.
    Research into the desalination of Penaeus vannamei Offspring and their adaptability to the water quality of the Farming Water
    2013, 35(2):  138-141. 
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    Abstract: On different given farming water conditions we raised the same desalinated Penaeus vannamei offspring for 16 days and made a comparison of the survival rates together with the growing effects. As a result, when the feeding saltwater with a specific gravity of 1.001., the survival rate was as high as 93% and the length increased110%longer ;while those were raised in the pure fresh water, the surviving rate was less than 20% and the length increased only less than 50%.
    Compound feedingstuff of young Epinephelus malabaricus and its feeding strategies
    2013, 35(2):  142-146. 
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    Abstract: We made experiments to feed 2,200 young Epinephelus malabaricus with purely artificial feedingstuff in artificial sea water. The salinity was 10‰, the water temperature was controlled between 24—29℃. After 67 day’s growth, the weight of the young Epinephelus malabaricus increased by three times and its daily weight increase rate reached 9.34 %. The results of the same two experiments show that survival rates are 70 % and 80 %, the feedingstuff coefficients are 0.93 and 0.86. We have realized a water saving and healthful ecological feeding model with no water changed and no medicine used in the whole process of feeding.
    Distribution character of oil in the surface water of Dongshan Bay
    2013, 35(2):  147-150. 
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    According to the investigational data of oil content in the surface water of Dongshan Bay from 2009 to 2011, the distributional character and pollution degree of oil of the investigational sea area were studied with single index method. Results showed that the measured values and the average values of oil content were below the standard values of first national seawater quality, and seawater quality all met the national standards. In terms of seasonal oil content, the sequence was autumn > winter summer > spring,but not obvious change by years; in terms of region oil content,the adjacent water of the northern part of Dongshan Island and Tayu and the western part between Gulei Cape and Shanwei was the most serious polluted,but the water between the mid-west part and forepart was the lowest.
    Legal Risk Analysis of Chinese Fishing Vessel Inspection Personnel
    Ying DAI
    2013, 35(2):  151-154. 
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    Fishing vessel inspection is a highly-specialized work with strong technical, political, international character. According to the analysis of the fishing vessel inspection work flow and its legal risk, together with some relevant cases, I would like to propose the legal advice on the prevention and control of the potential risks of the daily work of the fishing vessel inspection personnel.
    Studies on Methods of Isolation,Purification and Analysis for sulfated polysaccharides
    wu chengye
    2013, 35(2):  155-160. 
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    The thesis generalizes several rmethods of removeing proteins and eliminating pigment from polysaccharide, and several kinds of principles and methods that classify and purify sulfated polysaccharides,including organic solvent precipitation,quaternary ammonium salt precipitation,ultrafiltration technology,ion exchange chromatography and gel chromatography,then summarizes the analytical methods of sulfated polysaccharides in terms of sulfate radical,relative molecular weight,total sugar,purity and structure.At last,the thesis puts forward to further research structure-function relationship of sulfated polysaccharides.
    Trial research on triacontanol soaked kelp seedlings
    2013, 35(2):  161-164. 
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    Using plant growth regulator triacontanol (TA) as raw material, five experimental groups were built for the control study of the effects on the growth of kelp seedlings’ algae soaked in different concentrations of TA. The study showed that kelp seedlings soaked in TA with the concentration of 0.8 ppm yielded the best result, the production was increased by 20.5%, followed by kelp seedlings soaked in TA with the concentration of 1.0 ppm and 1.5ppm, with the production being increased by 16.3% and 13.1% respectively. It also showed significant effect of TA on the kelp seedlings’ growth rate, algae color, width and disease resistance.